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Robotics Senior Research Engineer @Opteran, UK

Are you experienced in embedded application/system-level software development or related position/experience? Opteran Technologies, an autonomous systems start-up, are looking for a Robotics Senior Research Engineer.

The successful candidate will work on rapid prototyping of new research to develop robot demonstrations of Opteran autonomy technology and engage with customers to work on initial proofs of concept.

The key responsibilities of a Robotics Senior Research Engineer include, but are not limited to:

  • Work as part of the Opteran development team to contribute to the delivery of early product prototypes
  • Develop a clear understanding of customers’ technical needs and ensure their clear understanding of the fit for Opteran’s technology. Also representing this insight into the internal product roadmap planning process
  • Build internal customer-facing demos to bring to life the potential of Opteran’s technology across different robotic platforms
  • Work closely with customers to support them in testing, validating and building proof of concepts which demonstrate the potential of Opteran technologies
  • Lead the technical relationship with key customer stakeholders, presenting as the lead technical authority. Be the ‘go to’ person for technical knowhow, queries, and issues.

The Company

Opteran moves beyond today’s Deep Learning AI to re-engineer 600 million years of evolution in insect brains onto a silicon chip. This breakthrough enables machines to see, sense, navigate and make autonomous decisions with a smaller, lighter and more efficient solution that operates off-network without training.

This is a different approach to autonomy, which doesn’t succumb to the problems of machine learning. We reverse-engineer real brains to produce autonomous systems that are robust and hyper-efficient; we call this approach ‘natural intelligence’.

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Hello, I like this approach. It looks like a nice opportunity! Do you work with freelancers? And do you need relocation? Thanks

Alain, thanks for your interest. We’re open to working with freelancers in the future to advance specific areas of our development roadmap that require specialist capabilities. At this point we don’t have immediate needs for this, however we will be posting here when we do.

For this particular job we are looking for relocation, as required, to be able to work in Sheffield and become part of the core team of research engineers.

Regards, Alex

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