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RoBox - 24/7 ROS Remote Real Robot Lab

RoBox - 24/7 ROS Remote Real Robot Lab
Grand Opening: Connect to RoBox for FREE from Nov 30th - Dec 6th
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Dear ROS Developers,
RoBox 24/7 ROS Remote Real Robot Lab it’s open to everyone this week. Access it remotely from anywhere in the world to control a Turtlebot3 mobile robot anytime (24/7). Test your ROS algorithms on real robots remotely. Free sessions are available throughout this week! Book yours here:
About RoBox:
RoBox, the first 24/7 remote robot lab in the world. This is a cloud-based remote robot lab, where you can connect to a real Turtlebot3 mobile robot and program it over the internet, 24/7. You don’t need to buy a robot or build a laboratory. Everything is ready here for your robot algorithm testing.
You can apply any robotics knowledge you’ve learned to a real robot at RoBox. You can also use it for teaching robotics & ROS remotely. This lab allows the world to connect from anywhere, 24 hours a day… geographical location will no longer limit your robot programming.
What you can do with RoBox
You can use RoBox to practice robot algorithms for Robot Navigation, mapping, localization, path planning, object avoidance, etc.
You can also use it to practice algorithms of Robot Perception, and perform detection and classification of traffic signs and lights based on an analysis of images acquired by the robot’s camera.
You can practice fusing sensor data or generating ROS Bags for later use… and much more.
If you have any comments or questions, please contact The Construct at