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ROS-based 24/7 Remote Real Robot Labs are open to everyone

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from 2021-05-09T22:00:00Z - 2021-05-16T21:59:00Z

Dear ROS learners and developers,
Have you ever dreamed of owning a real robot? Have you ever dreamed of running your real robot with your own ROS1 or ROS2 codes? All of this is possible! Our remote real:

  • :robot: Wheeled Robot Lab: Use a TutleBot3 wheeled robot with lidar and camera (works with ROS1 & ROS2).
  • :mechanical_arm: Robot Arm Robot Lab: Use a 6DOF robotic manipulator with a 3D sensor (works with ROS1).
    open to everyone for free this week! Connect to our remote real robots and program them from anywhere, for Free! No need to buy any robots!

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About RoBox

RoBox, the first 24/7 remote real robot lab in the world, is a 24/7 remote real robot laboratory project developed by [The Construct]( We currently have the following laboratories: - Wheeled Robot Lab - Robot Arm Robot Lab

They are cloud-based remote real robot labs, running with on ROS1 & ROS2, of course.

You can connect and program the remote real robots from anywhere and apply your robotics knowledge to real robots in the RoBox. You can also utilize RoBox to teach robotics & ROS remotely. This project aims to allow people to experience the most exciting aspect of robotics - The Application - without being restricted by geography and without buying expensive real robots.

Have fun with the applications:)