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ROS 2 C Turtle Name Brainstorming

ROS 2 Bouncy Bolson is coming up soon. That means it’s time to start brainstorming the following ROS 2 release: C Turtle.

As past names have shown, there are no rules to this process.

Please provide suggestions and comments.

Existing ROS 2 names and codenames:

  • Ardent Apalone - ardent
  • Bouncy Bolson - bouncy

Existing ROS 1 names and codenames:

  • Boxturtle - boxturtle
  • C Turtle - cturtle
  • Diamondback - diamondback
  • Electric Emys - electric
  • Fuerte - fuerte
  • Groovy Galapagos - groovy
  • Hydro Medusa - hydro
  • Indigo Igloo - indigo
  • Jade Turtle - jade
  • Kinetic Kame - kinetic
  • Lunar Loggerhead - lunar
  • Melodic Morenia - melodic
  • Noetic Ninjemys

A few links to websites enumerating turtles starting with C: 20 10 21

Be creative!

– Your friendly ROS naming committee

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Caretta Caretta (Caretta caretta)


Cryptic Clemmys


Courageous Clemmys

Clever Claudius
Careful Carbonemys
Chthonic Cyrtura

Crystal Cuora
Cambrian Chrysemys

I’d like to propose:

Cunning Cuora

[Twenty char limit] +1

Charmant Calemys AKA Karma Chameleon
Clumsy Cuora
Cyclic Cyclemys

Carmine Cuora / Carminic Cuora

I like Eretmochelys imbricata(Hawksbill)
because the kind of turtle is very endangered ,and I reference

Chichi Chitra
Cagey Chelydra
Candid Chelodina

Chie *Janaese name for girl meaning “Wisdom” “Knowledge”

Chihiro *Japanese name for girl and boy meaning ”very deep" “super wide” “very high mountain” “Pursue”

Parents give this name to child, want he/she to be curious about various things and have a willingness to work hard on what you like. It is the one of famous animation movie “Spirited Away” Japanese name “Sen To Chihiro no Kamikakushi.”

Creamy Coffee

Chaotic Cowabunga

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Carbon Caretta
Since lots of robots have strong carbon parts, and also its organic matter :slight_smile:
And Caretta for known and cool scientific name
Artwork would be looking cool with silver and black coloured Caretta Caretta
And ROS Carbon looks great to me.

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+1 for Carretta-Caretta
and new suggestion:
Chemic Carretta

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This is a robo name in the movie Endhiran, you should watch it, very nice robo movie

which movie, I want to watch it

Please have a look on Wiki link.

ok , thank you , the great India movie!

I propose: Cosmic Chukwa

In Hindu mythology ‘Chukwa’ is the tortoise which supports the elephants that support the world. Chukwa is also known as ‘World-Tortoise’. Here is an example image.