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ROS 2 CI ( planned downtime 2021-02-23

I’m planning to migrate to new servers based on Ubuntu 20.04, following the migration work we’ve been doing for the ROS buildfarm instances. In order to accommodate data transfer between the current and new instances CI will be put into Shutdown mode at 2021-02-23T20:00:00Z and be put into shutdown mode and the ci_launcher job will be temporarily disabled. Once all queued jobs have completed I’ll take Jenkins offline and initiate data transfer between the hosts. There is a large amount of build artifacts and log files to transfer so I expect this to go long. With luck CI will be back online the next morning and I’ll be monitoring for any issues as a result of the migration.


Jenkins is in shutdown mode waiting for the remaining jobs to complete before proceeding with the migration.

The new host is provisioned and data transfer from the previous host is complete. But provisioning new Linux and Windows agents and updating all the mac hosts will have to wait until morning. Nightly CI for ROS 2 won’t run tonight.

Resuming work. New agent images based on 20.04 need to be created for Linux and the Windows images require changes to update access credentials. Then we should be back online.

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Still working on provisioning. Linux AMD64 instances are up. Trouble with navigating AWS instance availability within different availability zones is preventing Linux ARM64 instances from coming up and the re-provisioned Windows instances are not picking up the updating Jenkins location.

The various provisioning and deployment issues have been resolved. is now available for those who use it.

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