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ROS 2 D Name Brainstorming


dusty dermochelys
dainty dermochelys
dashing dermochelys


Dusty simply sounds great so I propose:
Dusty Dingo

Drowsy Dragon
Dull Director


Delightful Dermochelys
Dainty Durango
Defty Donatello


+1 for Dashing Dermochelys


+1 for Dusty Dingo. That will make an amazing graphic.

  • Mark West


For those in favour of Something Dingo, although it says in the first post

The convention is that the second word is a type of turtle. :upside_down_face:


I almost read the title of the post a Ros2D2.


On top of that “Disco Dingo” is the codename for the upcoming Ubuntu 19.04 release which could cause confusion if everything comes up Dingos.

Since Dapper has come up a few times it’s worth mentioning that “Dapper Drake” was an Ubuntu release way back in 2006 and incidentally their first long term support release. While there’s been plenty of time between now and then we’ve previously avoided using adjectives already used by Ubuntu release names.

  • Dramatic Dermochelys


Debonair Donatello. Accompanied by a dapper looking TMNT as a logo :wink:


Dandi Dogonia


+1 Dashing Dogonia and
+1 Daring Dogonia


Dare Devil ----------


:smiling_imp: love it


Dynamic Dermo


Dermochelys coriacea - Leatherback Sea Turtle


Deity Diamondback !

DiamondBack Terrapin, is a species of turtle found in coastal region of Maryland in US.


I like both. But Dogania is shorter and probably a better choice:

+1 Dashing Dogania


Dreamy Donatello