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ROS_2 Launch XML Parser

I had been working on developing a sort of translator for converting ROS 1 launch files into ROS 2 launch files, when I noticed that there was already a project partially underway for this. I would like to offer what I’ve completed so far (since I’ve gotten to the point that I can parse ROS 1 XML into a sort of abstract syntax tree), but I used a different language to implement it (F#).

Is there any way that we can reconcile the work done in the two projects? Assuming that what I’ve created is of use, of course.

My parser can be found here:
The ROS 2 issue is here:

Instead of trying to convert ROS 1 XML to ROS 2 Python code I would suggest to wait for the XML frontend to become available in ROS 2 and then consider converting from ROS 1 XML to ROS 2 XML (which should require only very little changes if any).