ROS 2 port of mqtt_client, a C++ node for bi-directionally bridging messages between ROS and MQTT

We are happy to announce that mqtt_client , first released a year ago, has now been ported to and released for ROS 2 Humble, Iron, and Rolling!

The mqtt_client package provides a ROS node that enables connected ROS-based devices or robots to exchange ROS messages via an MQTT broker using the MQTT protocol . This works generically for arbitrary ROS message types.

Main features:

  • C++ node for high performance and memory efficiency
  • support for arbitrary ROS message types through the use of generic publishers and subscribers
  • support for many MQTT features like QoS levels, authentication, and encryption
  • extensive configuration options on both the ROS and MQTT side
  • support for exchanging messages of primitive data types with other non-ROS MQTT clients
  • built-in functionality for measuring the latency of transferring a ROS message via an MQTT broker back to ROS

Below you can find a minimal configuration for sending any message on ROS topic /ping to MQTT topic pingpong and back to ROS topic /pong on a single machine. A real use case would naturally involve more ROS-based machines.
Feel free to check out the Quick Start from our GitHub repository or the ROS Wiki page !

      host: localhost
      port: 1883
        ros_topic: /ping/ros
        mqtt_topic: pingpong
        mqtt_topic: pingpong
        ros_topic: /pong/ros

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