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ROS 2 Real-time Working Group Online Meeting 9 - Jan 22, 2020, 7AM PDT (UTC-8)

Previous meeting: ROS 2 Real-time Working Group Online Meeting 8 - Jan 8, 2020, 7AM PDT (UTC-8)

Meeting minutes:

  1. LET executor
    1. Jan:
    2. AI Wants to have the PR this week.
    3. William will try to review. For rclc we need a reviewer, William says that we can review and merge ourselves since it is rclc. Carlos should also review.
    4. Focus of this PR is on determinism.
  2. Executor re-work
    1. William clearing existing backlog
    2. He will then re-work the executor staff. He will start with the issue and the design document. Or instead make it as a PR to rclcpp implementation.
  3. rmw_cyclone_dds + iceoryx: in progress
    1. alternative 1: iceoryx built into cyclone
    2. alternative 2: cylcone bolted on iceoryx as a gateway => some layer => additional process
  4. rmw_cyclone_dds
    1. Eric working on: Full QoS support and security
    2. AI: @eboasson: provide a description
      1. Post in the discourse Next Gen Stuff with the executive summary => @eboasson did you manage to do it?
  5. ADLINK made available:
    1. OpenADx TC Jan 21 meeting minutes
      • distinguishes what is standard and what is vendor specific
      • AI @eboasson: is there a standard header to include?
  6. Performance Testing Farm
    1. it would need to be included in the OSRF buildfarm
    2. test against every change that OSRF makes
    3. Kai to first get it to run with Carlos and then provides instructions



See above for context

  1. AI: @eboasson: provide a description
  2. AI @eboasson: is there a standard header to include?
  3. AI @JanStaschulat: Wants to have the PR this week.

Hi RTWG team:

For the tomorrow and next meetings I implemented 2 suggestions by @joespeed

  1. I created a recurring Zoom meeting which you will find in the calendar of the RTWG group listed here
  2. Meeting minutes will be in this GDoc (also linked in the calendar invite).

With this you hopefully do not need to scramble for the meeting coordinates every time before the next meeting.