ROS 2 Rust WG Meeting - August 14th

My apologies for the short notice! Personal life issues got in the way, and I forgot to send this out!

The ROS 2 Rust Working Group will be holding a meeting on 2023-08-14T13:00:00Z.

The google meet room is at

I will try to give much more advanced notice for the September meeting…

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New meeting link:


  • Ruffin
  • Esteve Fernandez
  • Nikolai Morin
  • Michael Grey
  • Jacob Hassold
  • Tyler Weaver
  • Steven Ragnarok


  • Rust Buildfarm? What can we do to help?
  • [Grey] clock source PR for ros2rust - Add time source and clock API to nodes by luca-della-vedova · Pull Request #325 · ros2-rust/ros2_rust · GitHub
    • different initialization behavior around ros-time, we believe this behavior is more correct than other client libraries as it prevents incorrect comparisons (comparing a time from the system clock with a sim-time clock)
    • outcome: move pr from draft to ready for review
  • [Steven] Writing up the conversation from roscon about rosdep and cargo
    • next steps: rosdep issue tracker issues, crates dependency management through system
    • next discussion: are packages per-distribution or per-ros-distribution?