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ROS Rust WG Meeting: 2020-11-05

Hello rustaceans! :crab:

The next ROS Rust Working Group meeting will be: 2020-11-05T17:00:00Z

Thanks for filling out the Doodle from the previous post to pick an initial meeting time:

Building upon the prior discussion, we’ll start by getting members up to speed on the current state of the rclrs, getting familiar with the code base and design. I picked a time most voted by the group and the original author of the client library, so we can onboard as many members possible with @esteve ; giving folks a chance to ask questions on technical design choices or implementation details.

Before the meeting, try and familiarise yourself with relevant references linked in the previous post, as well as issues over on the GitHub repository, so we can begin with a more informed discussion:


Please comment to suggest any item updates to the agenda.

  • Introductions
  • Walkthrough of rclrs repo
  • Q/A with open discussion
  • Future meeting times
    • rotating friendly timezone


As an update, the meeting minutes have been posted and can be reviewed here:

The video recording the meeting has been uploaded and can be viewed here:

Also, you can now chat with the group via matrix at . Feel free to join the community as well as the current room, so you can easily see when more specific rooms are added.


This is Cool. Thanks @ruffsl
Unfortunately, my time zone is not fit. Really hope that I could join.

My suggestion:
Is it possible to create a slack group or similar for Ros Rus WG as well? it may be easier for some people to discuss and catch up if missing some meeting online.



Note: meetings will be recorded and published, for those who can’t attend the video call live.
The agenda includes discussing future meeting times; particularly times that work for rclrs maintainers. I’d like to cycle the meeting times to be friendly for other timezones as well, similar to how the ROS Control WG schedules thiers every two weeks, alternating between morning and evenings.

From the doodle times, it looks like we could keep the cadence with thursday mornings and evenings.
Perhaps: 2020-11-19T23:00:00Z for members in Asia?

If you can’t make it, please comment suggestions before the meeting, so they can be discussed here.

I’d like to run the idea of a public matrix channel for synchronous chat, with the rest of the group. I think as long as other project maintainers are willing to join or folks can keep technical decision discussions to respective project repo tickets, then adding a channel would be helpful, like it has been for the Security WG.

+1 for a Matrix room


btw, maybe you would want to register this schedule on ros calendar?

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If you pull the other time slot back two hours it becomes much more viable for the whole world. There are three times in the day where one chunk of the world has a bad but not terrible time, one has an early morning, and one has a normal day.


The only struggle is deciding if you want East Asia/South-East Asia or South Asia.

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@ruffsl Thanks for your suggestion. This time is good. And the matrix channel is perfect.

As @gbiggs suggested, 2020-11-20T15:00:00Z or 2020-11-19T22:00:00Z works as well. (Yeah. I am on East Asia. Morning meeting will be a good start for a day. :smiley: )

Thanks for updating.

The administrivia for adding WG meetings to “ROS Events” calendar just cleared; should be there now:

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2020-11-05T15:00:00Z would work best for me, but that wasn’t an option on Doodle, I agree with @gbiggs that it’d accommodate all timezones more or less.

@ruffsl if it’s still possible to change the time for the meeting, I’d definitely go for that. Thanks.

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It’s a bit sudden for others to change the time the day before to a sooner hour, plus that time wasn’t listed as it conflicted with Quality Assurance Working Group’s meeting time. But given the agenda, it’d be less than productive if you couldn’t make it. If you could confirm, I would then bump the time to 2020-11-05T15:00:00Z for the meeting?

Let’s keep it at the original time, but it’s unfortunate that more people from Asia can’t join. Maybe something to keep in mind for next meetings.

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The QAWG looks like it is going to be light. I will be at the QAWG but if no one shows up I might join y’all. If you need my help with anything let me know (twitter, weekly update, discourse topic). I am really interested in Rust but also really busy with ROS World right now.

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Hey folks, I’ve updated the top post to link back to meeting notes, video recording, as well as the new matrix chat. Please check it out, and if I missed your name or user handel from the attendance, please feel free to add yourself via suggested change comment. The google meet recording didn’t capture that, so I guess I’ll copy attendance from the google meet UI next time; still, it’d be good to know your usernames.

As an action item, please complete this followup doodle poll so we can schedule our next meeting, and select a regular WG time slot that works for most of you internationally, every two weeks.

Our next meeting’s agenda may include a presentation, demo, and Q&A from the folks behind the 100% Rust ROS2 zenoh-plugin-dds project. @joespeed , please invite your colleagues to complete the doodle, letting me know who they are so I can pick from the doodle with the times that work for the speakers.