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ROS 2 TSC Meeting Minutes: 2019-10-17

ROS 2 TSC Meeting Minutes: 2019-10-17

  • Attendees
    • Southwest Research Institute, representing CCDC GVSC - Jerry Towler
    • Samsung Research America - Steve Macenski
    • ADLINK - Joe Speed
    • Amazon - Adam Duncan, Thomas Moulard, Aaron Blasdel
    • eProsima - Jaime Martin Losa
    • Toyota Research Institute - Toffee Albina
    • Bosch - Karsten Knese
    • Open Robotics - Brian Gerkey, Dirk Thomas, Tully Foote
    • Tier IV - Geoff Biggs
    • Intel - Matt Hansen
    • LG Electronics - Brian Shin
    • Microsoft - Sean Yen
    • Apex.AI - Dejan Pangercic
  • Old business
    • [Hansen] Follow up on MoveIt2 - There is some good news that Picknik has secured some funding to begin working on the port again, but there is still help needed. We at Intel are committed to contributing to the port, but would like a call to action from other TSC members to also commit some resources to helping.
      • Plan to meet and discuss at ROSCon
      • Hansen to start a discussion on Discourse looking for help.
    • [Speed] Edge AI WG status
      • Steve, Adam, Geoff, Tully, Joe wrote proposal. Will post on discourse next week to get input & solicit interest
    • [Duncan] Tooling WG status
      • Discuss later in this meeting
    • [Duncan] Development/Release framework
      • PR to REP in progress:
      • TSC and everyone invited to review and offer feedback
      • Elevator pitch: if a previously released package is building and testing successfully, then no developer bloom-type action should be required to automatically include it in a new “rolling” distro.
    • [Gerkey] In-person TSC informal gathering at ROSCon
      • Set for Oct 30th @ 1715-1815, location TBD (bar/lounge nearby workshop location, Joe is buying a round)
        • Gerkey to send out location and calendar invite before then
  • New business
  • Recurring business
    • Eloquent release status
      • [Thomas] API and feature freeze for core packages planned for tomorrow Oct. 18th
      • [Gerkey/Thomas] Let’s all review the Eloquent ticket
      • [Albina] TRI continues to work with OSRC on the Eloquent tasks they have on their plate
      • [Hansen] How can we flag blockers for Eloquent?
        • If you see something that you consider to be a blocker, comment on that ticket (wherever it lives) to assert that position (e.g., “This issue is a blocker for Eloquent; please escalate priority to address.”).
        • Should we collect a list of Eloquent blockers somewhere and if so, how and where?
          • Gerkey to look into this. Foote suggests working with the ROS Boss.
      • Apex.AI updates for the last month are listed here: => Update 2019-Oct-17
      • AWS: Recent updates:
      • Tier IV:
        • Tier IV has contracted with a real-time embedded software specialist company to provide 3 FTEs to work on real-time and deterministic execution for ROS 2. We expect them to get up to speed over the next few months, so they will not be able to contribute to Eloquent. We will coordinate their work via the real-time WG.
        • Tier IV’s efforts to bring Debian to Tier 2 status are starting to bear fruit but there are still some catches.
          • Unable to compile any GUI tools. The reason is under investigation.
          • Unsure if we need our own Connext DDS license to do binaries and tests for those parts of the stack: Adding Debian as a Tier 2 platform
      • ADLINK: recent updates, ROS 2 E developer improvements
      • ePROSIMA
    • Working group updates
      • [Geoff] Safety
        • Working group regular participant numbers have shrunk to two
        • But we have a Plan!
        • Will focus our activities on producing sample ROS structures for common safety patterns (as discussed in previous TSC meeting).
        • A project has been acquired courtesy of Tully, where we will start producing content. It is hoped that by starting to produce content we will kick-start some discussion and further contributions from new people.
      • [Dejan] Real-time

For a upcoming ROS 2 distro (as well syncs for already released ROS 2 distros) there is a GitHub project board, e.g. for Eloquent: Referencing that project from the ticket (or if the ticket is in another org unit adding a note with the URL of the ticket to the board) is the currently used process.

@gerkey just for completeness: “Apex.AI - Dejan Pangercic” was also present in the meeting.

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we’re buying drinks Oct 30th and throwing TSC dinner party Nov 1st. I’ll send details and calendar invite.


Thanks; I updated the attendee list.