ROS 2 TSC Meeting Minutes 2022-12-15

ROS 2 TSC Meeting Minutes 2022-12-15

As requested by the community, and In the interest of more transparency, I am going to start reporting missing contribution reports and unannounced absences.

ROS 2 TSC Contribution Report 2022-12-15.pdf (138.4 KB)

Contribution reports were not submitted by Canonical ( @Jeremie), Microsoft (@ooeygui) Robotis (@WillSon) , Amazon (@Cam_Buscaron), Windriver (@razr) , and Devcom (@jatowler). They are welcome to add late contribution reports in the comments below.


@Katherine_Scott – thanks for considering discussion on community issues raised in
this thread.

I really appreciate that and fully understand that you couldn’t discuss those because of the forthcoming changes :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing the new ideas about TSC (or what every the name of the “board” will be).

I wish you nice holidays :smiley:


No sweat! As the Foundation works towards building the new ROS governance structure I’ll make sure they are aware of your feedback. In the meantime I’ll try to include more detailed notes from the TSC meetings. We had a few bigger issues in the last meeting but perhaps next meeting I can designate someone as a secretary.


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