ROS 2 TSC Meeting Minutes 2023-03-16

ROS 2 TSC Contribution Report 2023-03-16.pdf (159.6 KB)

ROS 2 TSC Meeting Minutes 2023-03-16

  • Attendees

    • TSC Members
      • eProsima / Jaime Martin Losa
      • Devcom / Jerry Towler
      • Intrinsic / Chris Lalancette
      • Wind River / Andrei Kholodnyi
      • Sony / Tomoya Fujita
      • Intrinsic / Katherine Scott
      • Toyota Research Institute / Ian McMahon
      • iRobot / Alberto Soragna
      • Open Source Robotics Foundation / Geoff Biggs
      • Bosch / Ralph Lange
      • Picknik / Henning Kayser
      • Canonical / Jeremie Deray / Florencia Cabralberenfus
      • Apex.AI / Lyle Johnson, Michael Orlov
      • Samsung / N/A
      • Foxglove / Adrian Macneil
      • Amazon / Camilo Buscaron
    • TSC Observers
      • Steve Macenski
    • Excused:
      • Community / Oliver Michel
      • Community / Francisco Martin Rico
      • Zettascale / Angelo Corsaro
      • Microsoft / Lou Amadio
    • Absent (Please move to TSC Members Line):
      • Intel / Harold Lang
      • ROS Industrial / Matt Robinson
      • Community / Patrick Musau
  • Preliminaries

    • [Kat ][1 min] Please remember to fill out your contribution report at the bottom of this document prior to the meeting.
    • Reminder: TSC has comment access, not edit access. Please do not request edit access. PLEASE USE YOUR TSC E-MAIL ADDRESS.
  • [Kat][3 min] As requested by the community I will now be taking attendance and recording absent members and those who fail to submit a contribution report.

    • If you have not submitted your contribution report by the time I post the meeting notes to Discourse it will be noted in the spreadsheet.
    • If you are going to miss the TSC meeting please contact me.
    • If you are observing the TSC meeting please put yourself under the “TSC Observers” item above.
  • Old business

  • New business

  • Recurring business


when and how(mode of attending) would the next meeting be conducted?

They are the third Thursday of the month via Google Hangouts. Currently the meetings are not public but we do allow for observers in certain circumstances. We post the meeting minutes so the community can keep up with what’s going on.

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