ROS 2 TSC Meeting Minutes 2023-01-19

ROS 2 TSC Meeting Minutes 2023-01-19

ROS 2 TSC Contribution Report 2023-01-19.pdf (125.5 KB)

  • Attendees

    • TSC Members
      • ZettaScale / Angelo Corsaro
      • Community / Olivier Michel
      • eProsima / Jaime Martin Losa
      • Apex.AI / Lyle Johnson, Michael Orlov
      • Intrinsic / Chris Lalancette, Kat Scott, William Woodall, Torsten Kroeger, Tully Foote
      • Foxglove / Adrian Macneil
      • Microsoft / Lou Amadio
      • Bosch / Ralph Lange and Christian Henkel
      • iRobot / Alberto Soragna
      • OSRF / Geoffrey Biggs
      • Community / Francisco Martin Rico
      • Picknik / Henning Kayser
      • Sony / Tomoya Fujita
      • ROBOTIS / Will Son
      • Canonical / Florencia Cabral
      • Wind River / Andrei Kholodnyi
      • Samsung / Steve Macenski
      • Amazon / Camilo Buscaron
      • Devcom / Jerry Towle
      • ROS Industrial / Maria Vergo
    • TSC Observers
      • Amazon / Aaron Blasdel
    • Absent (Please move to TSC Members Line):
      • Intel / Harold Lang
      • Toyota Research Institute / Ian McMahon (excused)
      • Community / Patrick Musau
  • Preliminaries

    • [Kat ][1 min] Please remember to fill out your contribution report at the bottom of this document prior to the meeting.
    • [Kat][2 min] Acceleration Robotics would like to join the TSC.
      • Need an organization to volunteer to sponsor them.
      • We’ll formally take this up in the next meeting.
    • [Kat][3 min] As requested by the community I will now be taking attendance and recording absent members and those who fail to submit a contribution report.
      • If you have not submitted your contribution report by the time I post the meeting notes to Discourse it will be noted in the spreadsheet.
      • If you are going to miss the TSC meeting please contact me.
      • If you are observing the TSC meeting please put yourself under the “TSC Observers” item above.
      • Reminder: TSC has comment access, not edit access. Please do not request edit access.
  • Old business

    • [Kat / Torsten][20 min] Brief Introduction to Intrinsic
      • Intrinsic was spun out of GoogleX to democratize robotics.
      • Google has over 700 individuals in robotics. Intrinsic is 200 of that.
      • Robotics is too big of a field, no one organization will dominate.
      • Intend to demonstrate the first product later in the year.
      • Ralph: Where do you see Intrinsic making contributions to ROS?
        • Multi-year effort where the first priority is the community. We intend to add more developers over Open Robotics. Currently supporting familiar faces like Kat, Tully, etc.
        • Intrinsic has a real-time control platform, along with other products, currently having conversations about providing other software to the community.
      • Lyle: What is the Open Source Strategy at Intrinsic?
        • It’s not fully formed. Expecting to have a mixture of business models.
        • Important goal is not to fork ROS or other open source software.
      • Andrei: What is the Intrinsic product?
        • Still in stealth but the product should be available later this year. What we can say is that it is a robotics platform, a stack that covers everything between low level code and the cloud.
      • Tomoya: Are you going to provide an application framework for the developer?
        • We can’t speak to that just yet.
      • Angelo: Why did you do the acquisition?
        • Lots of alignment between teams.
        • OSRC team is extremely talented.
        • Top priority is the ROS community, hopefully better than OSRC.
        • However, we will need some time to show things changing. Next two releases should demonstrate that commitment.
        • Tully: direct investment in core ROS.
        • Chris: Iron roadmap is currently unchanged, but J Turtle should be much more ambitious.
      • Andrei: Google has acquired robotics companies only to have them leave, e.g. Boston Dynamics.
        • Quite frankly there was not a solid plan for that particular acquisition.
        • Intrinsic was created from scratch out of Google X, has a stronger vision and plan. Torsten left in 2015, due to issues in the acquisition, returned now because the org has learned a lot from past mistakes.
      • Steve: How do you see other ROS ecosystem partners (Nav, Apex, etc)
        • We’re focused on manufacturing right now. We need to show utility in that domain before we branch out. We may have news about mobile robots later this year.
        • Tully: Community efforts will continue unchanged.
      • Camilo: given layoffs, do you have extra capacity to contribute to ROS more than OSRC.
        • We laid off 40 people. This was planned prior to acquisition and timing was not ideal
        • We decided to pivot to more of a platform approach. The layoffs came in the applications team.
      • Bainian Chen: What is the plan for Open-RMF?
        • Our product does not use Open-RMF, but we do plan on to continue to support it.
        • All projects that OSRC will continue
    • [Kat][20 min] 2022 ROS 2 Metrics Report
      • Please hold off sharing this presentation until next week. I’ll be posting the report on ROS Discourse early next week.
    • [Chris Lalancette][15 min]
      • Camilo has requested a short Iron Irwini Roadmap update
  • New business

  • [Olivier, 5 min] Question regarding possible synchronized syncs

    • See original post on Discourse: Synchronized syncs?
    • Chris: We could do it but we’ve opted to do syncs more frequently. Syncs also require a lot of back and forth with maintainers.
    • Chris the syncs, due to design will remove packages that aren’t ready to sync if we decided to go this route.
  • [Francisco, 5 min] Discussion about translation of ros2-documentation

  • Recurring business

    • Next ROS 2 distro release
      • New Iron ROS Boss - Yadu from Intrinsic
        • Going forward, OSRF is going to define a process for choosing
        • Not enough time before the Iron release to do it this year
      • Iron Roadmap details
        • Roadmap — ROS 2 Documentation: Rolling documentation
          • Improve rclcpp executor performance - In progress (Intrinsic)
          • DDS User Experience - Improve the out-of-the-box experience - In progress (Intrinsic)
          • DDS User Experience - Configuration of Initial Peers for Discovery - In progress (Intrinsic)
          • DDS User Experience - Develop a configuration tool - Initial prototype done, not sure where to go next
          • Python per-package documentation generation - In Progress (Intrinsic)
          • rclpy performance with large messages - not started
          • ROS 1 to ROS 2 migration documentation and tools - not started
          • SDF integration - Largely works, but needs a bit more love
          • Better error message for launch (stretch goal) - Not started
          • Relaunch of individual nodes in a complex system (stretch goal) - Not started
          • Logging configuration and features (stretch goal) - Not started
          • Iron release - Will start in earnest in March
          • ContentFiltering fallback in rcl - Tomoya?
          • on_pub/sub_matched callback support - Tomoya?
          • ROS 2 core ContentFiltering Enhancement - Tomoya?
        • MoveIt2 - Tyler?
        • Nav2 - Steve?
    • Working groups [<=5 mins each]
      • [Bence] Control
      • [Martin Losa] Embedded
      • [Kayser] Manipulation
        • Discussing future GSoC projects
        • Still working on runtime issues with FastDDS
      • [Woodall] Middleware
        • No new meetings
      • [Macenski] Navigation
        • Tuned constrained smoother better for out of the box behavior
        • Staging new MPPI controller with beta testers
        • Development of Nav2 Route Server
        • Support for Error Codes in Nav2 BT XMLs for contextual autonomy behavior
        • Adding load, save, and looping waypoints in Rviz panel
        • Added python3 footprint collision checker API
        • Pluginized BT Navigators
      • [Andrei] Real-Time
      • [Andrei] meta-ros
        • Meeting minutes
        • Humble PR discussion
        • There are some outstanding PRs related to meta-ros (prepare a list)
      • [Biggs] Client libraries
        • Some small discussion on the lifecycle implementation in rclrs
      • [Biggs] Safety
        • On indefinite hiatus
      • [Cabral] Security
        • Last meeting held on the 10th of January - update by Ruffin White on the chain of trust issue with having a single CA certificate in DDS. The issue was presented during the last meeting. This update is also reflected in a comment that has been added to the issue.
  • [Macneil] Web

    • Dormant
  • [Orlov] Rosbag2 and Tooling


Thanks for the minutes :slight_smile:

are these meetings recorded? possible to see the discussion?

From time to time the TSC does discuss confidential matters; as such we do not record the meetings and I try to take detailed minutes but it is quite difficult as I am also running the meeting. All of this may change as OSRF evolves the organizational structure used by ROS and Gazebo.

Feel free to talk with the community representatives if there is something you are curious about or would like to bring to the TSC.

Hey! Very happy to see you folks talking about meta-ros. It’s really a long time since last update. When will you merge the PRs of honister supports or humble supports? I am trying build my own meta-ros recently for humble + kirkstone version. I will help you to make it faster if you need.

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Glad to hear that you want to contribute :+1:. Feel free to join our regular meetings. @robwoolley plans to merge it to the honister-next branch see

@HomalozoaX Thanks for offering to help. This question came up in our last meeting and I have captured what was discussed in the minutes: ROS OpenEmbedded Working Group - Google Docs

I have worked on Dunfell, Honister, and Hardknott so far with Kirkstone, Langdale, Mickledore next in the queue. If you wanted to try taking the honister-next branch from here: ROS 2 Humble Hawksbill PR1 - Yocto Honister (2022/11/23) by robwoolley · Pull Request #1035 · ros/meta-ros · GitHub and porting it to kirkstone that would be very helpful. I suggest taking a look at Tim’s patches in his PR as well: Kirkstone fixes by moto-timo · Pull Request #1009 · ros/meta-ros · GitHub

Thanks for your invitation for the meetings @razr . I’ll join if I have time.

I’ll take a look at the PR: ROS 2 Humble Hawksbill PR1 - Yocto Honister (2022/11/23) by robwoolley · Pull Request #1035 · ros/meta-ros · GitHub . In my opinion, if we want to run ROS2 Humble with meta-ros ASAP, we have to merge PR 1035 first. I’ll see and test it recently. Also, I’ll add and test some configurations for Kirkstone, Langdale, Mickledore.

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