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ROS-Agriculture Europe community meeting 2020-01-14

ROS-Agriculture Europe Meeting Minutes 2020-01-14

Meeting Objective

To have an overview of current community and to identify next steps for ROS-Agriculture Europe


Name Organization
Matt Droter ROS-A
Gijs van der Hoorn TUDelft
Ting-Chia Chiang TUDelft
Martijn Wisse TUDelft
Mario Garzon Oviedo TUDelft
Christoph Hellman Santos Fraunhofer IPA
Kevin Bregler Fraunhofer IPA
Michael Terzer Fraunhofer Italia
Ferran Roure Garcia EURECAT
Nikos Mylonas AUA
Flemming CHRISTENSEN Sundance
Pedro Machado Sundance
El Houssein Chouaib HARIK NIBIO


  1. Introduction of participants
  2. Short overview of current ROS-A given by Matt Droter (Founder)
    • link to the slide deck
  3. Ideas for ROS-A Europe community building
    • ROS-A Europe will use a Slack channel similarly to how ROS-A has used this so far. Slack is for short, dynamic discussions, while ROS Discourse will be considered for communication with the wider ROS community and for longer discussions with and within the ROS-A community.
    • Regular meetings of ROS-A Europe will be held every month (decision made through poll on Skype for business).
  4. Brainstorming on initial ROS-A Europe focus areas
    • The aim was to obtain an overview and to work towards shared goals.
    • Potential topics of focus and further collaboration were discussed.
    • The current list includes:
      • Multi-vehicle navigation
      • Shared data sets with commonly agreed annotation standards
      • Vision system for identifying crops
      • ROS-Agriculture trainings (possibly provided by Fraunhofer IPA)
      • Fully unstructured environments, e.g. crops in open fields
      • Robust navigation system under sensor uncertainties, e.g. GPS-denied environments

Questions and Feedback

  • Martijn brought up the subject of yearly ROS-A meeting: where/where?
  • Flemming wanted to know “why ROS-A and what can ROS-A do for me?” and he also wrote in the skype chat window “the farmer is not the user; they are customer or end project - why should robot manufacturers opt to use ROS-A and share their IP?” in response to Matt’s explanation of “why ROS-A”.


Action Items Owner(s) Deadline
Go to and register for Slack Everyone Before next meeting
Go to and sign up for an account Everyone Before next meeting
Organize next ROS-A Europe meeting in February Ting-Chia 2020/02/7