ROS camera driver for Sony SDK using the Sony Alpha 7RIV

I am examining if it’s possible to create a camera driver to connect a Sony camera. Sony has an SDK which can run on different platforms. I would like to use this SDK to integrate a Sony camera into ROS. Did someone already do something like this? Where could I find example code for a ROS camera driver? Thanks a lot!

Can you show us the SDK documentation?
I am curious because I had to interface Sony RX0 camera with ROS and the only API I have found from Sony was Wifi based and not very handy.
I have finally used the great libgphoto2 to interact with the cameras through USB.
I cannot share the code but the library samples allows to start programming.
There are python bindings but I have never used them.
Note that the libgphoto2 is more a reverse engineering effort and not supported by Sony so new models may need some changes in the library to work.