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ROS@CES2020 Meetup

Hi all, I’m your friendly neighborhood ROS (developer? advocate? TSC rep?) person!

As CES 2020 descends on us once again in Las Vegas this week, I wanted to setup a casual meeting of the ROS community that may be in attendance. Do you like robots? Craft beer? Well, you’re in luck! We’re going to meet at the Trustworthy Brewing Co inside The Palazzo Tuesday, January 7 from 7-10pm.

Don’t like robots? Not sure how you’re reading this, but you’re a strange creature and I like it. Don’t like craft beer? That’s alright, the nectar of the gods isn’t for everyone, but they have good food and cocktails too.

If you’re interested in attending, shoot me a note or comment below. If we have a large enough crowd I’ve been in contact with the managers to potentially rope off an area.

Happy Roboting! Hope to see you in Vegas

Steve - Samsung Research


I’ll be around and will try to make it, thanks for organizing Steve!

Did you mean Tuesday the 7th? (Tomorrow)

If so I’d love to join and I will bring +5 (or 6) :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks for organizing!

Good call. Yes, the 7th! It’ll be good to chat again from ROSCon.

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Sorry, arriving the 8th.

Great initiative. I have several meetings before but I will try to pass by.
(Btw, who’s going to the Intel Realsense event just before?)

Great to hear it’s Today (Tuesday the 7th). I’ll see you there!

By the way, on Wednesday, January 8th from 6pm-9pm my company and I are throwing an event here at CES2020 for robotics companies (link below).

There’ll be a lot of robotics folks there, and we’d love to have any other ROS community friends join. All robots showing up are powered by ROS (including one of ours) :slight_smile:

Here’s the sign up link. The password is “”. If you sign up, message me directly and I’ll make sure you bypass the wait-list!

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I’m up at the bar eating, but reservation for a table at 7!

I’m in a space invaders shirt. Hard to miss.


Based on the background, that looks like it was taken in Macau.

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Promise, its Vegas.

What a con that would be, fake a ROS meetup without pictured folks to corroborate :wink:

Ask this guy for proof:

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i wish i could be there, i got stuck in some other places in US.