ROS@CES 2022 Meetup

Hi all, I’m your friendly neighborhood ROS (developer? advocate? TSC rep?) person!

As CES 2022 descends on us once again in Las Vegas just after the new year, I wanted to setup a casual meeting of the ROS community that may be in attendance. Link to 2020’s event which had a great turnout!

In past years, I’ve asserted a place and time due to the last minute adhoc nature of the event, but I’m thinking about it a bit more ahead of time this year. I’d be open to suggestions for locations / dates since my time at CES so far is still largely wide open this far out.

As a starting point of a suggestion, I’ll throw out January 7th at 6pm at [location TBD]. I don’t know yet of any other related events that might conflict with that, but lets discuss the best place / time. If you’re interested in attending, shoot me a note or comment below.

Happy Roboting! Hope to see you in Viva Las Vegas,



I am not planning on going to CES this year but a lot of people have been asking me about it. I believe Andra Keay of Silicon Valley Robotics is planning an event. @joespeed has told me that he will be there too. You should reach out to them.

A group from Ubiquity Robotics is planning to attend -please keep us in the loop.

Please comment below if you have interest in coming and how many might be in your group so I can count for sizing when looking for a venue!

Me and three other coworkers are interested in attending!

Myself and probably 2 coworkers are interested in attending too.

Once y’all determine a time and location please let me know. I’ll promote the event the best I can.

Hi. We’ll be there. Thursday at 6:00 pm is confirmed or tentative?



Me and other coworker are also interested


Unfortunately, due to the COVID situation, we’re going to have to cancel this year’s ROS Meetup. I don’t want to put anyone in any unnecessary danger and nearly every other event I once was registered for has now been canceled as well so it seems like this is the shape of things for CES this year.

I apologize for the cancelation :frowning:

I’ll still be around CES, if you’re interested in chatting for a bit with me, please feel free to PM me and we can schedule something! I just don’t want to bring together a large group all at once.

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