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Ros_control academic reference

Hello friends,

ros_control has just received an academic paper.
No more sleepless nights searching for ros_control on Google Scholar! :slight_smile:

If you find this work useful please give credits to the authors by citing:

  • S. Chitta, E. Marder-Eppstein, W. Meeussen, V. Pradeep, A. Rodríguez Tsouroukdissian, J. Bohren, D. Coleman, B. Magyar, G. Raiola, M. Lüdtke and E. Fernandez Perdomo
    "ros_control: A generic and simple control framework for ROS",
    The Journal of Open Source Software, 2017. (PDF)


author = {Chitta, Sachin and Marder-Eppstein, Eitan and Meeussen, Wim and Pradeep, Vijay and Rodr{\'i}guez Tsouroukdissian, Adolfo  and Bohren, Jonathan and Coleman, David and Magyar, Bence and Raiola, Gennaro and L{\"u}dtke, Mathias and Fern{\'a}ndez Perdomo, Enrique},
title = {ros\_control: A generic and simple control framework for ROS},
journal = {The Journal of Open Source Software},
year = {2017},
doi = {10.21105/joss.00456},
URL = {}

Your friendly neighbourhood ros_control team