ROS DevOps Engineer @ Labrador Systems

Open ROS DevOps position at Labrador Systems in Los Angeles
Apply at our website: Careers - Labrador Systems

Job Description

We are seeking a talented DevOps Engineer to join our growing team. This is a mission critical senior role where you will be responsible for design, implementation, and maintenance of all things DevOps at Labrador. You will oversee the tools and process for building, testing, releasing, and distributing software to our fleet of Labrador Retriever mobile robots, web service, apps, and more. Requires deep knowledge of Linux and ROS and solid experience in application deployments at the Cloud, Edge and app level.


  • Linux systems administration
  • Linux package management and distribution
  • Experience deploying ROS based systems to a fleet of devices in the field(ROS build farm, Greengrass, Robomaker, etc)
  • CI/CD pipelines(Jenkins, etc)
  • Automated software testing
  • Release management
  • Containerization(Docker, or others)
  • Cloud based systems(AWS, or others)

Must Have Qualifications

  • Expert level knowledge of DevOps
  • Expert level knowledge of Linux package management
  • Expert level knowledge of ROS package management
  • Expert level knowledge of maintaining fleets of Linux systems

Nice to Have Qualifications

  • Experience working on a consumer, industrial, medical, etc product
  • Experience with embedded system device firmware update
  • Experience with DevOps for web, or mobile device software
  • Experience with mobile robots
  • Experience with customer deployment of mobile robots
  • Experience with Python, and C++
  • Experience with Bluetooth over the air updates

Job Conditions

  • This is a permanent position
  • Prefer work from office(Calabasas, CA), may consider remote
  • Flexible hours
  • Competitive salary and benefits

About Labrador Systems

At Labrador, we believe assistive robots can make a massive difference in people’s lives, especially for individuals with chronic pain, injury or other health issues that impact their daily activities.

That’s why we’re pioneering a new generation of robots, specifically designed to help people live more independently.

Our mission is to create practical robots that physically assist in everyday tasks, so individuals can do more on their own and enjoy a better quality of life.

Whether delivering meals, helping with the laundry or keeping critical items within reach, our goal is to lighten the load of daily activities to empower people to live life more on their terms.