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Request for creation of a ROS Spanish-speaker User Group

Dear all,

As we’ve discussed with some Spanish-speaking users around the world, it would be wonderful to have a common space to support Spanish-speaking community ROS projects, and for raising awareness on Open Source Robotics among Spanish-speakers around the world. The name for the group could be ROS Spanish-speak User Group

This is the blurb for the group:

Bienvenidos al grupo de ROS discourse en español. Este grupo tiene como objetivo promover eventos, proyectos y noticias relacionadas con la robótica de código abierto. Los invito a compartir, aprender, interactuar y conocernos. No es necesario tener conocimientos previos. Este grupo está abierto a todas las personas de habla hispana, con el objetivo principal de acercar ROS y las tecnologías asociadas a la robótica a la mayor cantidad de personas a lo largo y ancho del planeta.

Let’s hear what the Spanish-speaker community thinks =)


To make this happen I need a couple of things.

  • I need to see a critical mass of people (which I am fairly confident exists already).
  • I need a two sentence description of the group in English and Spanish.
  • An image to use at the sub-group logo.

I am going to be a bit busy with ROSWorld this week so this may not happen until next week.


Great initiative! I believe that this will enable people that is willing to participate and get into ROS, but that feel blocked by the language.

This is a great idea! It would help narrow the initial gap with a lot of people in spanish-speaking countries!

I totally support this idea - me parece buenísimo, hay mucha gente que se podría beneficiar con ésto, espero que haya suficiente apoyo.

I’m also supporting the idea, I think it’ll help many people that are not familiar with the English-language to ask for help with more detail when dealing with issues.

Amazing idea! I hope there are enough +1!

This is really great!

This is a great idea!

I like the idea! I think this will help promote robotics communities in spanish speaking countries.

This is great. I will take care of this after ROS World on Thursday. Please get me your image and a blurb describing the group. Since Spanish is spoken in so many places I would prefer that the image not be a flag.

Also, maybe y’all can coordinate a Spanish meetup for the happy hour at ROS World.

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Awesome! Thank you Katherine, I’ll get an image and a blurb ASAP.

A Spanish meetup for the happy hour at ROS World, sounds like a good idea.

Great idea! It will be really helpful to people who speak Spanish and have difficulties with the English language get involved in this community.

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+1 for the group. Took us long enough! Thanks @matiasbavera for the initiative.

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+1 for this group.

Thanks for the initiative.


Complete agreement. I applaud the initiative.

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I agree and fully support this idea!

Super nice idea! +1 :mechanical_arm: :raised_hands:

Hello everyone. I’m new here!
I think that is a good Idea.
My team is working on autonomous robot in Brazil, so our projects has been developed in portuguese. Both languages (spanish and protuguese) are really very similar, so I think that this will helps portugues comunity too.
By the way, we are looking for software developers to join us. If you know someone please contact me:

Great idea! Thank you for the initiative !

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