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ROS M Turtle Naming Brainstorming

+1 for Mystic Mydas. I’m sure ROS feels pretty mystic to a lot of newcomers!

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What about Mighty Mydas?


+1 for Mecha!
I like how Mecha Morenia rolls off the tongue,
with the matching M’s and A’s forming an alliteration and a rhyme.
Maybe I’d also just like to see more artwork of Mecha turtles.

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“Muddy Morla”
“Mystic Morla”
or just “Morla”

…to make ROS a “Neverending Story” :wink:


"And they call it a middleware. A middleware! dwarvish chuckle"


Misty Morenia

+1 for Mecha Morenia also though

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Sorry, can’t resist making these references.


How about Model Morenia?

Magnificent Minotaur

Since DDS emerges from the legacy labyrinths of QoS assured distributed systems to save ROS! Althought when we reach T we will need to find an excuse for Theseus to kill the Minotaur :expressionless:

There do seem to be more geeky references than usual for M. Is there something about this letter?

Maniac Mockturtle :slight_smile:

+1 for Mecha Morenia
+1 for Mystic Mata mata

+1 for Mighty Morenia
+1 for Mystic Morenia
+1 for Mecha Morenia

I literally lol’ed.

+1 for Mystic Morenia

Mighty Mata! To be more powerful!

“Migthy Mikey(Michelangelo)”

+1 for Magnetic Mydas

Thanks for all of the suggestions so far. The discussion has been open for about two weeks; we’ll leave it open for another two weeks, and then we’ll make a decision. So make sure to get your suggestions in!

– Your friendly ROS naming committee

+1 for Magnetic Mydas

What is the procedure going to be? Summarize all the suggestions in a poll and vote?

My vote is with Mecha! It sounds like Mecha-Godzilla!