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ROS Update for the week of 7/20/2020

ROS Update for the week of 7/20/2020

Neave Engineering

Parody Gadsden flag stolen from Twitter

Maybe we should plan a Short Circuit watch party for the ROS community?


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Note: if you want to run a survey, drop me a line. I can help promote it and even help you analyze the results.


For the Little Robots

Fun Robot History Story This Week

A fun story this week, a friend sent this Craigslist listing for a “NASA Tank for Sale” to our shared slack group. Which lead another friend to figure out that this thing was part of a Hughes Aircraft Mobot, one of the first commercial mobile robots. One of the two locations where the Mobot was used is in the cleanup of the first US nuclear accidents, the SL-1 reactor, which is a really interesting read (warning: it is fairly morbid). The SL-1 reactor was a prototype Arctic power station went critical while being serviced. There is a great Atomic Energy Commission video on the whole incident on the Internet Archive. The other place the Mobot was used was Jackass Flats, or “Area 25” in Nevada, right next to Yucca Mountain. Anyway, this Mobot is probably still a little bit radioactive so you might not want to buy it.

Got a cool robot history lesson? Feel free to share it below.


Movie viewing party would be cool! I don’t know how it would work but I support this


The Mobot looks like a robot from a parody of 50s scifi.

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Thanks for these weekly updates, I try to follow Discourse regularly, but always miss some posts, and this summary always helps me catch up on the good ones I missed.

Aloha from Univ of Hawaii… Katherine, we also really appreciate these update summaries. big Mahalo, Gary


Are y’all the group working on this project? I would love to know more.

Yes! It’s such a small world… we are (Luxonis is) working with Gary (who is leading this project) on that as well! It is going to have an integrated OAK-D!

One of our engineers (Jon) is working closely with Gary from Univ of Hawaii, part of that is doing ROS2 integration of OAK-D as the whole system is ROS-based.

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Aloha Katherine,

Yep, that is us…


Gary Passon, AVT Program and Team leader of the University of Hawai’i – Autonomous Vehicle team

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Thanks for featuring my robot :slight_smile:

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I needed some input!

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