ROS Meetup in the Arabian Region

:rocket: Exciting News! :rocket:

Are you ready to take your ROS skills to the next level? Get ready, because in our upcoming workshop session, we’re diving deep into ROS Services and ROS Actions!

:robot: What to Expect:

  • ROS Services: Learn how to create and consume ROS services to enable seamless communication between different nodes in your robotic system.

  • ROS Actions: Discover the power of ROS actions for executing long-running tasks, with real-world examples to help solidify your understanding.

:computer: Hands-On Experience:
We’re not just stopping at theory! Dive into practical examples in both Python and C++ to grasp these concepts effectively. Whether you’re more comfortable with Python or CPP, we’ve got you covered!

:spiral_calendar: Save the Date: 11 May

:clock4:Time: 8 pm Cairo / 8 pm KSA / 9 pm Dubai

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to level up your ROS expertise. See you there!

:no_entry: Don’t forget to stay tuned for updates and further learning resources!

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