Arabian Robotics and ROS Meetup

:rocket: Dive into ROS with our 5-Day Workshop! :robot:

Embark on a comprehensive journey into Robot Operating System (ROS) through our immersive 5-day workshop. Whether you’re new to ROS or looking to deepen your understanding, this workshop will cover everything from the basics to advanced concepts, ensuring you’re equipped to navigate ROS effectively.

:date: Workshop Agenda:

Day 1: Introduction to ROS :

  • Overview of ROS and its importance in robotics.
  • Understanding ROS architecture and core components.
  • Exploring the ROS file system and ecosystem.
  • Installation and setup of ROS on different platforms.

Day 2: Basic ROS Commands and Tools :

  • Getting hands-on with fundamental ROS commands.
  • Utilizing ROS tools for package management and navigation.
  • Exploring ROS workspaces and package creation.

Day 3: ROS Messages and Topics :

  • Understanding ROS messages and message types.
  • Creating custom messages for your robotic applications.
  • Working with ROS topics and implementing publishers/subscribers.

Day 4: ROS Services and Actions :

  • Exploring ROS services and different service types.
  • Creating custom ROS services to enable specific functionalities.
  • Implementing ROS actions and understanding action servers/clients.

Day 5: ROS Launch Files and Bag :

  • Utilizing ROS launch files for streamlined application launches.
  • Managing launch parameters and configurations.
  • Exploring ROS bags for data recording, playback, and analysis.

Join us on this educational journey as we dive deep into ROS and empower you to leverage its capabilities for your robotics projects!

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