ROS Meetup Stuttgart was absolutely awesome

I am very happy about how many people turned up for the ROS Meetup Stuttgart yesterday. It was my pleasure to host about 60 people here in Renningen. Thank you very much to all presenters and everyone who helped to make this happen.

Please also find some of the speakers’ slides attached:

Ralph Lange and Christian Henkel, Bosch Research
Welcome at Bosch Research|attachment
(2.3 MB)

Pablo Ghiglino, Klepsydra Technologies
An Offline Optimization Approach for Multi-Core ROS2 Applications: The High-Performance Ring-Buffer ROS2 Executor|attachment
(1.4 MB)

Nguyen Le Quang Nhat, Bosch Research
Enhancing ROS Development with Virtual Environments|attachment
(743.5 KB)

Philipp Schnattinger, Node Robotics
How do we use bagfiles for automated testing in CI to bridge gap between development and production|attachment
(866.9 KB)

Berit Schürrle, Shruti Patankar and Thilo Zimmermann, University of Stuttgart
Educating Future Software Engineers for Industrial Robotics|attachment
(2.3 MB)

Jan Staschulat, Bosch Research
Best practices for real-time programming in ROS 2|attachment
(443.2 KB)


Thank you for hosting this Meet-Up at Bosch! Sounds like a new record for the Stuttgart ROS Meet-Up…


Thank you for conducting an informative meetup. Thank you again for the slides.