ROS News for the Week of July 24th, 2023

ROS News for the Week of July 24th, 2023

ROSCon and PX4 Dev Summit are happening back to back this year! We are pleased to offer discounted tickets to those who register for both! The earlybird ROSCon ticket sale ends September 3rd, so please register soon!

ROS By-The-Bay is next Thursday! We’re still accepting :zap: lightning talks :zap: !

Kappe, is a new MCAP migration and cutting tool that you need in your toolbox! It does a lot more than just conversion and cutting, and is worth checking out.

Is your simulation as slow as molasses in January? Check out this tooling to generate performance time charts for Gazebo and ROS 2.




ROS Answers Questions

No ROS questions this week. Please read our post about the Stack Exchange migration and take action.

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