ROS Netherlands Meetup - 2nd November in Delft

The Dutch ROS Users are organising a ROS Netherlands meetup on the 2nd of November. The idea is to share the main learnings and takeaways from ROS Con 2023 with the Dutch ROS community.
The city of Rotterdam has agreed to sponsor the event and provide a location and refreshments.

If you are based in The Netherlands and going to or speaking at ROS Con please let us know and join our LinkedIn group Sign Up | LinkedIn

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Sign up for the event at


Hello Christine,

Nice. Thanks for sharing.
I will share this with the ROS community at TU Delft.
Let me know if you need any assistance with the event, I am sure we can find some volunteers at TU Delft.

See you there,
Gustavo Rezende.

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Awesome, thanks so much for organizing! I’ve shared this with my RoboCup team and see if I can find some others to prompote this to :slight_smile:


Great thanks - Absolutely - once we have a better idea of numbers we will put together a little organising group together

Hello, will it be in Dutch or English ?

Hi - The talks will be in English - (Networking will be in both)

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@Christine: the eventbrite page now seems to suggest this is no longer happening in Rotterdam, but in Delft. Is that correct?

I don’t necessarily mind, as it’s much closer for me, but would be good to clarify I believe.

Is there more information about the topics in the presentations?

Hi - you are correct. the venue was changed to Robohouse. so it is happening in Delft.

The main purpose is to share the learnings from ROSCon 2023 in New Orleans.
Anyone who attended the show has been asked to present their learnings, two people will also present the talks they gave 2x10min talks
So far we have confirmed summaries of

  1. Opening day, overview of the state of ROS
  2. Education breakout session - overview of talks and learning
  3. Planning session - overview of talks and learning, and a talk that was given at ROSCon
  4. Simulation session - - overview of talks and learning, and a talk that was given at ROSCon

There are a couple of sponsors (including Asimovo who will also present for 10-15min each.

We are also expecting 4-5 lightning talks from the wider community, these should be 2mins each.

Please note the event is now at RobHouse in Delft, rather than Rotterdam as originally planned.

Let me know if you want to know more


Stuff to satisfy discourse

Sorry I wrote too fast - Yes RoboHouse in Delft

Unfortunately, I can’t make it after all. I was underway already by train but the storm cancelled all trains that way.
Better luck next time I suppose. Have fun all!

I work from home all the time and this one time I don’t want to, I the advice is I should…

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