ROS meetup in Rotterdam (February 20)

On the 20th of February, we’re organizing a ROS meetup at DoBots to start a ROS user group in the Netherlands. There are still a few places available! I hope to see you there!

For more information and registration visit the website:


It looks like this is only ROS1 related right? Or will there also be some focus on ROS2 and the future of ROS?

Additionally, what is the target demographic? Just generally interested people and hobbyists or is it also interesting for “professionals” (people who work with ROS as part of their job-description) to attend?

The idea is to connect ROS users from industry and academy in the Netherlands.
During the presentations, we’ll mainly focus on ROS1, but there will be definitely an opportunity to talk about experiences with ROS2.

I’ve just registered.

Will be great to see some local ROS users.

@Reka: will subsequent editions always be organised at Dobots? I have some venues in mind which would perhaps also be suitable.

Personally I’ll be bringing my works-with-ros attitude. I don’t actually hobby too much with it any more :slight_smile:

Awesome, I’m subscribed!

I’ve been pondering to organize something like this myself but of course never got around to it. There are quite some ROS users in the Eindhoven region as well so perhaps Nobleo or Smart Robotics can host a next edition? I only have a home office… :slight_smile:

I’ll see if I can convince some people here :wink:

It is nice to see this enthusiasm! Of course, we can alternate the venues where we meet, no problem. We can discuss it at the meetup :wink:

Thanks for organizing @Dewi and @Reka !


Yes, thanks for organizing! And a big thank you to everyone who attended. I think the success of this meetup has guaranteed future meetups :slight_smile: See you all at the next one!

How many people were present at the meetup?

are you planning any meetup in Turkey future time?

30 Oca 2020 Per 15:43 tarihinde Reka Berci-Hajnovics via ROS şunu yazdı:

33 people were present at the meeting

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Unfortuantely not. For now, we are only actively planning meetups in the Netherlands. You could, however, ask in the ROS Turkey Users group if they might plan any ROS meetups. For any other upcoming ROS events worldwide can be found at the Regular ROS Meetups listing.