ROS NL The Dutch ROS Users

We want have a specific space for the Dutch ROS Users.
Specifically to promote regional events and grow the local community.

We presently use a Linked-IN group

But would like to create a dedicated group also on ROS Discourse


Sure, we can create that for you. Can you please provide a blurb for the category description?

Welcome to the Dutch ROS Users group. We welcome anyone to this group who is based in the Netherlands or who can travel to our meet-ups. We often have people travelling from Belgium and beyond to join, so everyone is welcome.
The objective of this group is to promote local events, project and news relating to ROS and open source robotics in The Netherlands. We encourage members to contribute and share, supporting each other in our journeys with ROS. Events are also published in this Linked-IN Group.
Materials shared can be in the Dutch/Flemish language or English.

Two potential logos attached - please use the format that best fits
ROS_NL logo square

Greatly appreciated - many thanks

Can you please provide that in both Dutch and Flemish? One purpose of the local community categories is to provide a place for those who are not comfortable in English to use their native language.

TIL: Dutch and Flemish are maybe distinct languages.

Dutch and Flemish are mainly written the same - so one version is okay to use.

Welkom bij de Nederlandse ROS Gebruikersgroep. We welkomen iedereen in deze groep die in Nederland woont of naar onze meet-ups kan reizen. Er komen vaak mensen uit België en andere landen, dus iedereen is welkom.

Het doel van deze groep is het promoten van lokale evenementen, projecten en nieuws met betrekking tot ROS en open source robotica in Nederland. We moedigen leden aan om bij te dragen en te delen, om elkaar te ondersteunen in onze reizen met ROS. Evenementen worden ook gepubliceerd in deze Linked-IN Groep 1.

Gedeelde materialen kunnen in het Nederlands/Vlaams of Engels zijn.


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