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ROS on Windows: Noetic Release v20200831.0.0.2009101215

The Microsoft Azure Edge Robotics team is happy to announce the Noetic Release v20200831.0.0.2009101215 for Windows developers.

As usual, you can install it by the following steps:

mkdir c:\opt\chocolatey
set ChocolateyInstall=c:\opt\chocolatey
choco source add -n=ros-win -s="" --priority=1
choco upgrade ros-noetic-desktop_full -y --execution-timeout=0

Some highlights of this release:

  • A refresh to the external libraries based on Vcpkg. (OpenCV4, Boost 1.73, QT 5.15, OGRE 1.12, Gazebo 10.2, and more.)
  • Python runtime upgrade to v3.8.3.
  • Based on the Noetic release sync 2020-08-31.

Let us know if you hit any issues on GitHub.

Happy coding ROS Developers! :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Am I missing something or there is no rtabmap_ros package ? (I just need to GUI to monitor a remote Linux)

Unfortunately, we don’t have rtabmap_ros package ported to Windows now. Can you elaborate more on the GUI scenario? (E.g, launch file to represent what you are trying to do on Windows side.) Interested to learn the usage you are looking for.

Well, I want the “main brain” to be on the Ubuntu side (where the stuff is easier to develop although I would have preferred FreeBSD :smiley: ) and to monitor what’s going on there on the Windows side (I use the computer for other tasks so it has to be Windows). I only need rtabmapviz ( I think) connected to the roscore so I dont have to connect to the Ubuntu via remote-desktop (especially if / when I port the whole thing to ARM SBC ). I dont (ever) intend to use Windows on a robot though :grinning: