ROS Pittsburgh Users Group

If you’d be interested in a Pittsburgh-based ROS Users Group, please fill out the attached form.

(This is for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Sorry Pittsburg, California, you no-H weirdos.)

Hello @DLu, can you elaborate this? What do you mean by no-H weirdos?

He’s making light of the lack of an ‘h’ in Pittsburg, California (as opposed to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania).

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Pittsburg, CA doesn’t end in H, unlike the one in PA (PittsburgH) :wink:

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Thank you for clarifying guys!

Did anything ever come out of this? I’d be interested in starting a ROS Pittsburgh group now that I live here.

I didn’t get an overwhelming response, so I started off with just a channel in an existing Slack, but that’s been near-silent. Happy to participate in something if it gets going.