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ROS Quality Assurance Working Group October 2019 Meeting Notes

Adam Alami (facilitator of the meeting)
Akihiko Tsukuda
Andrzej Wasowski
John-Paul Ore
Matt Droter
Max Krichenbauer
Victor Lopez


  1. Update on the QA Dashboard initiative
  2. Update on Code Review for ROS2 pilot for these repositories:
    1. ros_comm
    2. ros_control
    3. navigation
    4. ROS2 rcl_cpp
    5. ROS2 actionlib
  3. Discuss next quality initiative


  1. QA Dashboard (ROS 1): This initiative is coming to completion for ROS 1. The back end is live and the front end (the ROS wiki component) development is completed. A PR to get the front end merged will be raised shortly (estimated next week).
  2. QA Dashboard (ROS 2): The development of this initiative has commenced for ROS 2. The back end is progressing well. The discussion of this work shall continue Monday during the QA Dashboard meeting (a meeting dedicated to ROS QA Dashboard).
  3. Code Review for ROS 2: The pull request to add the PR template to the selected ROS 2 repositories has been reviewed and ready to be merged. One issue was put forward for discussion to the group. The last item in the checklist (i.e. “While waiting for someone to review your PR, please consider reviewing …”) is not actionable and it has been proposed to convert it to a comment instead of a checkable item. The group supports Ridhwan Luthra suggestion to make it an actionable item where the author of the PR supply a link or the name of the PR she/he reviewed.
  4. Next quality initiative: There was a consensus amongst the group to defer the discussion of the next QA initiative to the next month.


  1. Andrzej Wasowski to take the group for a social drink during ROSCon 2019. Adam Alami to organize for the event.


i did not catch up when this meeting was held, was there any announcement?
especially interested in ROS2 rclcpp and actionlib.


We do announce our meetings one week prior to the meeting. This is the link Next ROS Quality Assurance Working Group Meeting for Oct. 2019

Alternatively, I can add you to the distribution list if you like to attend the meeting in next months, just pin me your email.