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ROS Quality Assurance Working Group October 2018 Meeting Notes



  1. Discuss how to finish the work on the Quality Dashboard (Making ROS Quality Visible)?
  2. Discuss how to kick off the code review pilot?
  3. Update on the Static Analysis
  4. Start off the discussion on the “Maintenance Issue” initiative. Will brainstorm solutions for the issue.
  • Quality Dashboard:
    • André Santos managed to enhance the GUI based on the working group feedback. The latest version available in this link
    • We discussed the quality dashboard. These are some feedback and decisions:
      • User Rating should be removed for the time being. Due to some infrastructure constraints, we decided to delay the implementation of User Rating.
      • We would like to display the date of the last two releases. For example, in the prototype, we would like the dates of v0.7.5 and v.0.7.4 to be displayed.
      • For the QA Score, we decided to research further existing practices and literature on how to derive such score. For the moment, we do not have a formula to deduce the score.
  • Code review
    • We compiled a code review guide. We asked Moveit and rviz to pilot code review. We hope to see code review taking place in these repositories.
  • Static analysis
    • ITU hired a part time resource to commence the scanning of ROS packages. The Tool selection is in progress.
  • Maintenance issue:
    • There are two aspects to this issue: (1) orphan packages and (2) resourcing issue (not enough maintainers). Will continue the discussion in this subject next meeting.


Regarding this, OSRC for ROS 2 and we internally use

We also wrote an ament plugin for it:

It does cost money but we can really warmly recommend it. It finds really lots of defects and it is easy to work with (as part of your compilation process) unlike some other tools like e.g. Coverity.