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Into the Multiverse of ROS Distros!

Sure you can check the status of the buildfarm one distro/architecture at a time, but I often find myself in the situation of asking myself which distros I need to re-bloom.

I’ve thought about doing support for this in a couple of times over the years, but now I’ve streamlined the process and put it together at

Feedback welcome, here or on the repo

Edit: You can also do filtering with the address query, a la


Are the maintainer emails actually needed in the HTML? It seems like another good source for spammers… Apart from that, a great tool!

Functionally, they help with filtering, like in the example in my edit above. You can also see what (for example) PickNik is maintaining. Fun fact: There’s still Willow Garage emails on 37 packages.

They are also available on the individual status pages, but “that’s how we’ve always done it” is a poor excuse and this puts all the emails in one convenient spot.

Open to suggestions. The community is probably small enough to just use names, but it may be a problem for people who are not consistent with which name they use in their package.xmls, i.e.

  • Isaac I.Y. Saito (aka Isao Isaac Saito, Isaac Isao Saito, Isaac I. Y. Saito)
  • Víctor López (aka user, Victor Lopez, Victor López, victor)
  • TORK (aka Tokyo Opensource Robotics Kyokai (TORK) Developer Team, Tokyo Opensource Robotics Kyokai (TORK) Development Team, Isaac I.Y. Saito, Keio University Yamaguchi Lab, Tokyo Opensource Robotics Kyokai(TORK) Developer Team)

This is awesome! I was indeed asking myself a couple of days ago how it would be possible to gather this information with one step. Thank you very much!