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ROS trending Hacker News

ROS is trending in the front page of hacker news, just in case your ears are burring:


Please help to add all the new tooling from ROSCon and IROS 2019. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there. I do what I can based on the public resources.

Would be good if someone could post some comments under some of the top-rated comments. Just mention of ROS 2 and it trying to address the issues the community has identified in ROS 1 would already go a long way.

I see multiple “there is no QoS”, “custom build tool” and “difficult to integrate with” comments. That last one is admittedly still not completely solved, but the first two are not true any more and scare a lot of potential new users.


I’m already on it but could need some help.

Hello all, found you guys from the HN post. ROS looks like a super cool project!