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Twist_mux / teleop_tools porting to ROS2

Hi all,
is anyone working on porting twist_mux and/or teleop_tools to ROS2 ???
That’s something I am willing to give a shot at as a ROS2 exercise.



Posted this question on twist_mux repo as well.

@Jeremie, We are interested in working on this with you. From our experience there are a few different teleop stacks out there that do basically the same thing. It would be nice to have one standard one in ROS2

@NickFragale, that’s great. I have started porting twist_mux and was planning on getting started with teleop_tools during this week. How would you like to proceed ? I’d propose to open a draft PR on github to which we would push as we go.

In the meantime I opened a ticket to teleop_tools.

Lets move communication over to Slack. We can keep posting updates and general info here like the github repo url.


I’m glad to announce that teleop_tools now has a ROS 2 Dashing port!
We’re looking forward for feedback and (hopefully not so many) tickets on github.



Thanks for the effort everyone that was involved! We’ll probably be using this soon.

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teleop_tools was released but it’s installation is failing (joy/key_teleop from ros-testing). While we’re fixing it, what’s the proper channel to make sure it is not moved from testing to main (@dirk-thomas) ?

If there’s an issue with something the most important part is to ticket it upstream which I see is already done:

If there’s something that the release manager should be monitoring you can start a thread in the appropriate subcategory here: There will be a thread made as we prepare for the release that you can reply to. But you can also preemptively start a thread there too so that the release manager can know it’s an issue before beginning to prepare for the sync.

FYI @nuclearsandwich As dashing release manager expect a thread on this soon.

Hi @Jeremie, I’m interested in twist_mux package.
So I wonder how it’s going.

Hi @BrightenLee,
unfortunately I never quite finish porting twist_mux to ROS 2. It wasn’t quite the fit I was expecting for my particular project at that time… I have seen that you already resumed that work from my fork, I won’t be able to dedicate much time to it currently but let me know if I can help :+1:.

@Jeremie My work was not difficult because you’ve already port most of it.
I finished porting, and testing it with a real robot. :smile:

I’m glad to see that you got it working on your robot!
Feel free to open a PR to the upstream dashing branch :wink:

Hello do you have twist_mux migrated to ROS2 eloquent?
Kind regards

Hi @Mario_R,
there is an open pull request upstream but it targets Dashing. I did not try to compile it for Eloquent tho.

Every time I migrate to a new ROS version, I have had to switch to a new mux package.

Is this the one that will exist in Noetic and Foxy?!