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Promote ROS2 on GitHub via "awesome" list

To get people know about, probably interested and involved in ROS2 I created a GitHub repo which lists resources about ROS2 and a PR for adding it to the well-known GitHub repo “awesome” (almost 75k stars). Please star the repo and “thumb up” the PR to get it added.


That’s a really good idea, thanks @fkromer!

My pleasure! Let’s see if we can create additional momentum for the ROS2 development :wink:

+1! Good initiative!

There are more ROS2 watchers/stargazers than ROS watchers/stargazers right now :slight_smile: Let’s fork and make a contribution to ROS2…


Finally: merge in progress

Not sure what you mean. It’s not merged yet.

I thought about editing to “merge in progress”. Anyway you are right. I added the wrong reference. The repo maintainer requested for reviewers to get projects (including awesome-ros2) added.

“This requirement also applies to existing submissions, so if you like to see your submission merged, review at least 2 other pull requests and I’ll prioritize getting your submission merged.”

Probably someone could help out in reviewing “in behalf of awesome-ros2 contributors” or something like that to get the list added :slight_smile:

Finally merged :tada: :confetti_ball: