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ROS1 to ROS2 Migration Tools

Over at Amazon we have started doing ROS1 to ROS2 migrations and decided to automate some of the repetitive tasks in a set of tools. We’ve open sourced the tools so everyone can leverage them, the code can be found at The package also contains some documentation on the general process of migrating a package and what changes need to be made. This is just a beginning and there’s a lot of room for improvement. We’d love to have anyone interested in the migration effort contribute to make these tools as useful as possible as well as provide us feedback.

  1. Can we migrate all the things with this tool?
  2. Is it required only Python 3?
  1. The tooling is generic enough so that it should be helpful for migrating any ROS package, but it won’t do 100% of the work. I’d recommend trying it out on the talker example from the migration guide ( to get a sense of the current state. We’re also happy to take pull requests for new features.

  2. Yes, ROS2 is targeting Python 3 ( so it seemed reasonable that the migration tooling would also target Python 3.

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