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ROS2 Navigation WG - next Thursday 10/18/18 10am Pacific (GMT -7:00)

Sorry it has been awhile since we had a meeting. We’re having a meeting next Thursday.

Thursday, October 18

10:00 – 11:00am

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Join by phone

‪+1 470-326-0279‬ PIN: ‪345 848 516‬#

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Also, please reply here if you plan to attend so we have some idea of who to expect.


I’ll be there, I’d like to see how things have progressed.


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I’ll be there!


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We have a lot to cover, so we’ll probably go until 11:30 tomorrow:

Agenda: (about 5-10 minutes on each)

  • Current status
  • System overview with comparison to ROS Navigation
  • AMCL / Localization
  • Map Server
  • Costmaps
  • Mission Execution
  • Navigation
  • Global Planner
  • Local Planner

For each topic, we’re prepping a README in the repo which will explain what we’ve done and why. We’ll keep it high level and quick, but can obviously take more questions off-line through github issues.

Last topic:
Help Wanted - we’ll try to ID some issues where people could help if they’re interested

I’ll be there as well. Thanks!

~ Ian

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Sorry, the calendar link was broken, so I removed it, but the “Join Hangouts Meet” link should be all you need to join in tomorrow.

So sorry but I have completely mismanaged my calendar. I have a conflict and will not be able to attend, I’m going to try to get one of our other engineers to attend in my stead. Are you planning on posting a summary? I would really like to understand the progress and timelines.


I’ll be planning to attend.


Ray, no problem. We’ll post some notes. Also we have been documenting what we plan to cover in several PRs. See this issue for links:

If you want to read through those and post feedback to the PRs, that would be great.

I might add a timezone in the future for those that don’t know you’re in Oregon.


You’re right, it’s in the title but not the body, I thought I had it in both

Oops, no you’re right, I didn’t read the title closely. Disregard…

Hi! I’m in, sorry, didn’t read the request for confirmation till now

Here are the notes from last week’s meeting. Thank you to all who attended!

ROS2 Navigation WG

Thursday 10/18/18 10am Pacific (GMT -7:00)

Agenda: (about 5-10 minutes on each)


  • Sam - new attendee
  • Steve Macenski (Simbe Robotics)
  • Mike Ferguson
  • Stephen Phillips
  • Nick Burek (Amazon)
  • Jorge Santos Simon (Magazino)
  • Mauro Passerino (iRobot)
  • Ross Desmond (Amazon)
  • Daniel Stonier (Toyota)
  • Ian McMahon (Toyota)
  • David Lu
  • Intel (Matt, Mike, Carl, Mohammad, Brian, Carlos)

Current status

System overview with comparison to ROS Navigation

AMCL / Localization

Map Server


Mission Execution

Navigation (Simple Navigator and BT Navigator)

Global Planner

  • Jorge: can load other planners as plugins? Pattern is different now, each planner implements the ComputePathToPoseServer.
  • Look into implementing a simple planner. – Carlos: should we implement minimal examples for each module: minimalPlanner, minimalController, minimalAMCL?

Local Planner

Other questions

Ferguson: Stack to the point where it can run on hardware? He can help on that.

Ross: What is the reasoning to use a world model for the api to costmap_2D and instead use a plugin? Some local planners use different concepts of path, such as a vector field, or series of waypoints + vector field to compute a local trajectory, how would this design solve passing that data to the local planner?

  • We believe this would be handled by adding the corresponding action type for the planner in question, however an example would help us to test that reasoning
  • Ross - please file an issue with an example of a planner, so we can determine if we’re able to handle that or similar planners.

Steve: Need a migration plan from Task to Actions lib

  • Matt is currently working with OSRF and will file issues for the work needed when the design is understood