ROS2 Scratch

Hi all, my name is Belén and I am working as a teacher at technical high school level, my students are programming robots, and my doubt is, could anyone work with Scratch 3 and Ros2?.I ask since the new extensions that Scratch 3.0 has like Video Sensing would be very useful for an image recognition project. Thanks in advance


Hello Belén!

Not directly with Scratch, but in the past we contributed robot_blockly which allowed programming ROS robots using Google’s Blockly (a web-based visual programming editor inspired on Scratch). We used this successfully in a series of workshops and courses to schools and technical training centers.

This work is a few years old now and focused in ROS (1), but it might be a good starting point for your endeavours. The hooks to ROS would need to be replaced with ones for ROS 2.


These three links might be of use for you.