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Rust and Robotics?

Hi everyone!

In our last Weekly Robotics meetup with Tangram Vision we briefly started discussing using Rust in robotics development. It seemed that lots of people were interested in the and we thought it might be a good idea to have a meetup where people could discuss their experience using Rust.

Anyone would have any experiences they would like to share? Let me know and I will try to come up with some idea on running this session.

If anyone from the Rust WG would be interested in presenting too that would be amazing!


Currently there are two projects exploring the use of Rust with ROS:

In addition, I do believe there is a monthly working group that meets about getting Rust working with ROS. @esteve and @ruffsl would know more about this working group.


We at Chalmers University of Technology are working quite a lot with rust and ros2, and have developed r2r. We are mainly working with various automation projects using automated planning and ros2. Most of our work is located under the Sequence Planner · GitHub organisation. We started working with rust, 2-3 years ago and really like it. Especially writing async rust when writing our ros nodes is great.

We are fully booked this year, but maybe we can share something related to r2r next year.


At the moment, we’re at more of an “as-needed” meeting schedule, though I just floated the idea of meeting a bit more regularly. If you would like to listen in or join in our discussions, you’re always welcome to join our matrix channel!

At the moment, our big focus area (apart from the client library linked by @zmk5) is getting Rust build support integrated with cargo via the colcon-cargo plugin.

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