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ROS2 Security Working Group Online Meeting 2019/10/29 11:30 MDT

Hello ROS2 Security Folks - We will have the October monthly ROS2 SWG meeting Tuesday 10/29 at 11:30 MDT

Dialin Info:

Join by phone

‪+1 385-325-0281‬ PIN: ‪422 295‬#


Moving forward we will have these meetings on the last Tuesday of each month, unless folks want to change it, we are flexible.

I look forward to chatting with you all.



If you have any additional agenda items, please make a comment here and we’ll add them!

Thanks for managing this @joe :slight_smile: !

I’d love to attend this meeting however I will be in the middle of the ocean around this time (and I guess many of us attending ROS may as well). Is there any chance we can move slightly this before or after ROSCon to avoid collisions?

Apologies for the inconvenient request.

@joe @kyrofa

i would love to join but as @vmayoral mentioned, i will be too on flight.

Hey @tomoyafujita and @vmayoral sure thing, Lets do it on 11/12 at 11AM MDT. The calendar invite has been updated.



Note that the TSC has a new calendar and new invitation groups per working group, more details here. Going forward (including for this upcoming meeting), ros2-working-groups-calendar-invites will no longer be used. Please join ros-security-working-group-invites to receive invitations specifically for the Security working group.

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it is scheduled not really friendly time for Asia Pacific… but will try, since there is no perfect time for everyone.

The notes (and recording) are posted in the ROS wiki. This is a slight departure from the way the Working Group used to work, but we copied over previous meeting notes and think it’s generally more open and discoverable.

@tomoyafujita we will look into varying times to try and cover more timezones, thank you for the feedback!

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we will look into varying times to try and cover more timezones

appreciate it.

Recommendation for using syslog in common logging format. Common Event Format (CEF). How open of a standard is this? Could use this in DDS logging plugins as well.

not sure what is discussed on this, rcl_logging_syslog or something? or just a format? if i may, could i have more information on this?