ROSCon 2019 Live Streaming

We’re looking forward to the start of the main sessions at ROSCon 2019. We’ve had a successful day of workshops. And if you cannot join us here in Macau for the event, we will be streaming the event online so that you can watch.

You can find the live streams on the ROSCon website

Thank you again to our Platinum Sponsor and Gold Sponsors for supporting ROSCon.


I think there is no audio on the live stream.

My testing shows the audio is working. By default it’s muted in case you open it in the conference or somewhere that requires quiet, you need to click the “CLICK TO UNMUTE” button at the top to get audio

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There was a few minutes where it wasn’t working during Cole’s talk prior to the panel. It is fixed now.

I believe Track 1 has no audio though I can hear audio in the background
We are able to listen to Track 2

Track 1 will not be active until the dual track sessions start in the afternoon. The plenary sessions in the morning are on the Track 2 stream only.

You can see the program here:

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Thanks for resolving the ambiguity @tfoote

@tfoote I have looked through all the videos on the OSRF vimeo account for roscon 2019, but there are a lot of presentations that are missing, e.g. track 2, day 1, afternoon session with " Navigation 2 Overview" " On Use of SLAM Toolbox" and so on. Did anything go wrong during the live stream or the video recording? If it was only the live stream that didn’t work, hopefully the video recordings exist on some harddrive somewhere?

The leftover videos from the live stream are not meant to be authoritative or archival. We made separate recordings of the talks that we’ll post as soon as we get them out of post-production.

Btw, as far as we know the live stream worked correctly during the event. If you encountered problems watching the live stream, we’d like to hear about it. This year was our first using Vimeo’s live-streaming feature and your feedback is most welcome.

What is wrong? 1

The livestreams were only setup to be streamed during the event. If you look slightly higher on the page you’ll see “During the event the live streams will be embedded below.” As the event is over the live streams are no longer available.

As stated above we are in the process of preparing the recordings of all the presentations for posting in the program individually edited with the related metadata for archiving.


Thank you for the explanation.

I understand it.

Thank you.

2019年11月7日、19:37、Tully Foote via ROS のメッセージ:

Hi, have the recordings of the presentations been posted somewhere? Thank you.

Hi surfertas, are you interesting in our ROSCon19 presentations? They should be posted soon. Thanks for your patience!

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I also searched for those. But i could not found the official uploads. I guess, they will upload those soon then announce it over here.

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We ran into a minor technical difficulty with the video archiving process. We’re resolving it now and will post the videos just as soon as we can. Thanks for your continued patience.