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ROSCon 2019 Macau: Videos are Live!

ROSCon 2019 Macau videos are now live on Vimeo and the ROSCon website along with slides! We apologize for the delay in getting the videos out. Please let us know what talks you found the most helpful as your feedback helps the ROSCon review committee make better selections next year.

We would like to thank Qualcomm for making it possible to share these videos with our global community.

We also want to thank or ROSCon speakers, volunteers, and sponsors that make the event possible.


Thank you, @Katherine_Scott! Been looking forward to these.

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Awesome! Thanks so much!

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Thanks a lot for posting them! I did not have the chance to attend any of the speeches and the agenda was impressive. Eager to start consuming them!

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Thank you~~! I 've been looking forward to these videos.

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Its great making these videos available soon. Very eager to experience this! Lets enjoy this weekend with these…

Hey, turns out if I didn’t talk really fast wouldn’t have fit in my time slot :joy: Almost 20:00 on the dot.


Dear @Katherine_Scott,

there is a funny mistake. I did not do the lightning talk but I created the Awesome Robotic Tooling List:

The talk is done by Florian Friesdorf, Co-Funder of

Thanks for the fame :slight_smile:
Tobias Augspurger

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Thank you for waiting for the publication of ROSCon2019 videos until after ROS-Industrial Conference 2019 at Fraunhofer IPA. :slight_smile:

Enjoy Christmas holidays watching what happened in Macau.
In January we will then publish videos form our event in Germany. :wink:


Thanks for the notice @Tobias we’ve updated the listing.

If you’re like me, and never actually sit down to watch videos, but have lots of commute time to burn, I’ve been ripping the audio and putting it in a podcast feed.


The MPAA’s gonna get you.

@DLu you are brilliant and I might crib your idea. As of yesterday I have a master CSV of all 320 ROSCon talks and their associated metadata (we’re in the process of giving all of them DOIs). Now that we have the data in one place it should be super straightforward to make a podcast for every ROSCon talk. Perhaps what I can do is generate a podcast for every talk then make a master list of ROSCon presentations that’s easy to search.

Do you happen to have an ffpeg configuration you like for podcasts? Getting ffmpeg params right is always half the battle.

A csv of all the talks would have made this a bit easier. I didn’t use any ffmpeg params, I just ripped the audio track from vimeo and then used pydub to add the intro/outro.

Super, super weird question - a little off topic but wanted to bring it up.

I’m curious about the ownership of the talks. They’re posted on the OSRF Vimeo - no issue - but then under a creative commons license. This basically says they have to credit “you” but who is the “you” – OSRF or the presenter?

Redistribution of the talks as podcasts, with titles and metadata including the author, clearly meets the CC intended licenses either way. But this seems a little ambiguous to me having been on both sides of this and I don’t recall signing or agreeing to anything in submission of presentations releasing IP rights to the presentations for OSRF to redistribute.

(so, so not trying to make a problem, just looking for clarification since this topic kind of sparked my internal “open source license review” monologue)

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My understanding of the relevant copyright rules is that:

  • Open Robotics, as the organization doing the recording, owns the videos. So the attribution required by the CC license should be to Open Robotics.

  • The videos are themselves derivative works of the presenters’ on-stage performances, which the presenters own. Before each ROSCon we notify presenters that their presentations will be video recorded and that we will distribute the resulting videos. Over the years we’ve had one or two presenters not want to be recorded (e.g., because their employer doesn’t allow it), and we’ve been responsive to those opt-out requests.

Thanks for raising the issue. We’ll make the situation more explicit for presenters in future editions of the conference.


That all makes sense to me. I think that closes the loop on most things. I think then the only topic that is open ended is the request to post slides on the ROSCon website.

Memory serves its an email that comes along with a link to upload the slides. There may be some statement of rights to agree to when uploading the slides, off hand I do not recall. I think if the video itself is derivative and the slides provided as appropriately signed off, that makes things as iron clad as can be expected.

As with the videos, we make it clear when requesting the slides that we’re going to distribute them, and we abide by the wishes of those who opt out.

Unlike the videos, we (Open Robotics) don’t want any ownership of the presenters’ slides. We just want the presenters’ permission to distribute the slides. We don’t declare any license regarding the rights of others to use or redistribute the slides that we post.

As a result I believe that we’re in the default situation for copyright of “all rights reserved”, which is to say that individuals can download and view the slides but cannot, for example, redistribute them, perform them (i.e., give a presentation using those slides), or create derivative works from them (e.g., copy slides, images, or text from slides verbatim into other media) without permission of the presenter (and/or possibly the presenter’s employer).

Like with the videos, for future editions of the conference, we’ll consider additional language in presenter interactions and on the website to make the situation more explicit.