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ROSCon 2021 Talk Idea Brainstorm

ROSCon 2021 will be happening in New Orleans, Lousiana in October. The call for proposals has been posted.

Talking at ROSCon can be very rewarding way to share your expertise and knowledge with the greater community. However, putting in a proposal to ROSCon can sometimes be intimidating because you don’t know if there are people in the community who are interested in what you’re doing.

Similar to last (ish) year, I’d like to kick off a brainstorming thread here on topics that people would like to see presented at ROSCon. Even if you won’t be able to make it to ROSCon feel free to suggest a topic: we record all videos and post them online. All of the previous years talks are linked to from the programs (2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012). With people sharing topics that they would like to learn more about I hope their posts here will inspire more people to submit talks. We have a large and diverse community and want everyone to consider sharing what they’re working on.

Note that this thread is meant to be inspiration for submissions and will not be part of the Program Committee’s review process.

Please reply to this thread to share the sort of talk that you’d like to see someone present at ROSCon this October.

Also, later on there will be a solicitation for videos to be included in the pogram. If you have ideas now, let’s hear those, too.

Videos - One new format is the video presentation, with up to 2 minutes of self-contained audio-visual content, featured alongside the talks in the program. Videos will be presented without live narration or Q/A afterward.


  • This is a brainstorming session.
    • Be positive.
    • There are no wrong answers. Please don’t critique others’ responses, but build upon them.
  • Keep the ideas high level.

To help get the brain juices flowing, here is some data from 2020 that I pulled down from ROS Answers.

Highest # of Views Per Tagged Question

Total Tagged Questions

Most Unanswered Questions by Tag


Something from the folks at Microsoft about how to use VSCode with ROS 2 effectively would be great.


I’m not from Microsoft (anymore :slight_smile: ) but I use VSCode in what I consider to be great effect with ROS2. The debugging features alone are priceless. Is there anything in particular you might like to know?

I put together a video for coworkers and some colleagues on this subject. It has basically no editing and is not meant for publication, but it might be better than nothing for those who are wondering about it.


I’d like to learn how to use vscode to debug ROS2 nodes in any given programing language without modifying launch files. Attaching a gdb debugger on a spawned process from the roslaunch CLI is straightforward, but not if I’d like it to attach to a breakpoint early in the node’s startup lifecycle.

One could of course copy the startup command for the process that ros launch generates, then comment out that node from the rest of the orchestration and start it manually with gdb, but it’d be cooler if I could point the vscode debugger at the external launch file and have it prompt me for the respective node to attach at startup, without having to hatchet the launch file to isolate the target node. Context:

I’m guessing others have found more elegant or ergonomic solutions, so that would be nice to hear.

From Zero to Master would be good :slight_smile:


I’d be interested in a reference design for multi-robot activities (whether mobile, manipulator, mobile-manipulator, drones, etc) using ROS2. Given this is a core design element of ROS2, I’ve yet to see anyone explore and report about this topic in the open. Any companies scaling products with multi-robot features would be welcome! We could potentially then use that reference design to support multirobot features in Nav2 (if mobile related) or translate it to navigation if not.


I think it would be very useful for a short demo on how to do basic debugging on vscode, a lot of the questions from ros answers would be resolved if more people knew how to debug, if you could share your wisdom it would be awsome!

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Something about decision trees and robot behaviour would be great!



I would be very interested in a clear introduction to ROS simulation with massive amount (100+) of simple heterogenic groups of mobile robots, e.g. how to prepare simplified control models for these agents and a centralized or disperse controller, how to create a sensible and at least partially automated simulation test pipeline with Gazebo and ROS 1/2, suggested approach to implementing swarm or local policies for coordination, overall dealing with scale-based hindrances (high computational cost, preparing the environment, etc.).

Overall, nearly the same proposal as @smac, which I refer to :slight_smile:


Having this video, even with no edition would be very helpful for a large number of people I guess

From Zero to Mater +1 :heart:


I’d like to hear about efficiently integrating Machine Learning with ROS for deployment on real-world robots.


An overview of the different CI options (the ros-tooling GitHub actions, industrial_ci, custom ones, etc.) would be nice. It could also include some examples of - or deep dives into - existing setups, like Nav2’s.