ROSCon VISA support (JTB) experiences and difficulties

To add to this list, here’s my experience from the Netherlands. It was much faster compared to some other countries.

23rd August: I sent the filled questionnaire to JTB
29th August: Received documents from JTB
5th September: submitted documents at the embassy in the Hague. No appointments needed, and a 3 person long line at the embassy. One of my documents was incorrect, was asked to email them the correct version.
6th September: emailed correct document to the embassy, received confirmation in an hour. Was asked to pick up my visa on the 12th.

Maybe for some of you, it could be easier/faster to travel to the Hague and apply from here, if you are allowed to do so. I’ve heard about people in Belgium having to wait a long time for an appointment at the Japanese Embassy in Brussels.

Thanks for making this group @KartikeyaWalia, joining now. I’m attending ROSCon alone, and for the first time, so this is very helpful.

Good news for all those still waiting for a visa! The Prime Minister of Japan has just said that restrictions on individual tourists and the need for a business visa will be removed from the 11th of October. However it is not yet known which countries will get the visa waiver programme; it might not be the same list as it was pre-pandemic. Check with your local Japanese embassy!

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Its not a primary source, but here’s “a” list of countries that will not need visas for ROSCon


here is the official list of countries and visa requirements: VISA | Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan


Japanese consulate in is asking me for the inviter company paper that shows it is registered in Japan .Also ,it asked for inviter resident card,or they won’t give me the Visa.
However, I contacted with **JTB ,**they are not going to provide me these documents .
Did you face such a problem like this?

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The organiser can probably steal the visa workflow from some larger conference, e.g. like this: Entry to Japan|ICMFS-2022

This is a good summary of the Japanese visa application process. In that description steps 1, 2 and 3 are offered to ROSCon attendees as a service by JTB. This part is applying for and getting each applicant a personalized ERFS from the Japanese MOFA which is required for your visa application. Because this requires applying for and receiving the ERFS it takes at least 5 business days. Unfortunately the Japanese MOFA and JTB are both quite busy these days and there’s no ability to accelerate the process.

The paperwork that JTB provides will include all of the required supporting documents necessary to apply for your visa, including documentation of the inviting organization, the letter of invitation, a letter of guarantee, and a written pledge, with your ERFS and schedule of travel. All of which are personalized for your visa application.

A request for the resident card sounds like you might be applying for a personal visit instead of a business visit. If you’re still having trouble please continue your thread with Kate.

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I sent all requested information to JTB company for VISA and their reply is

Dear Dr. Jitka Hodna,

Thank you very much for your royal patronage.
This is the JTB VISA support desk of ROSCon2022.

Thank you for sending questionnaire and copy of passport.

Currently, the visa exemption measures for ordinary passport holders of 68 countries/regions are temporarily suspended, as border measures against novel coronavirus (COVID-19).
Meanwhile, the abovementioned visa exemption measures will be resumed from 0:00 am (JST) on October 11, 2022.
Please see more detailed information on the following website.

Exemption of Visa (Short-Term Stay) | Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

My country is in the list for non-visa requirement. Does it mean, that I do not to request any visa, right? So JTB company does not have to do anything to me.

hello, did anyone receive login to conference portal (either ROScon or IROS or both)?

there was no link in ROScon registration confirmation.

and for IROS i have a sponsor seat and so far I got only JTB email asking for visa assistance money but no links to conference portal.

AFAIK, IROS’s portal (if you can call it that) is at 2022 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2022). As for ROSCon, I don’t think there’s any portal available to anyone right now. Past ROSCon years had remote opportunities over Swapcard but I’m not sure if this trend is going to continue. We’ll need to wait and see.

I don’t know what is the job of JTB,
These are some of the missing documents that the Japanese consulate in TURKIYE asked me for them.One week I am emailing JTB, but no answer, no comment, and even no suggestions. Shot of the consulate email is below.

@vmayoral thanks for this link.
at the moment i do not have login to that.

but out of interest - is this the place where I can select tutorials and other things i wanna attend at IROS?

Good question. I tried that myself (adding workshops) after having purchased the conference pass and it didn’t seem to work for me. I guess the option left is to buy workshop passes on-site, if I end up joining workshops. I’d be interested if anyone manages to get around this.

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