Rust working group meeting - 2021/11/24

Hi all,

we’re scheduling a new meeting for the Rust working group on 2021-11-24T15:00:00Z.

Link to the Google Meet call:

On the agenda we have the message generation pipeline, implemementing features like client/service and adding more contributors and reviewers to rclrs.

Hope to see you all there!


I’ve added this meeting to the ROS Events calendar, for those who are subscribed.


@gbiggs thanks, that really helps not to miss.

@gbiggs could you copy/add the meeting instead of creating a new one? I’ve noticed the link in the ROS Events calendar is different than the one from the announcement and that’s going to be confusing for everyone. Thanks.

Sorry about that. Google Calendar is very enthusiastic about adding Meet links to events.

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@gbiggs Yeah, Google Calendar can be a bit obnoxious about that. Thank you so much!

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Is the Google meet link still active? I revive a “No such meeting” error code when attempting to open the link.

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