April 2023 Rust WG Meeting: 2023-04-10

Hello everyone!

I’m pleased to announce that the ROS 2 Rust Working Group is getting back into doing regular meetings! These will be held on the second Monday of every month, at 15:00 CEST time. You can see the schedule on the Open Source Robotics Foundation Community Events calendar.

The connection information for the next meeting is as follows:
Google Meet joining info
Video call link: https://meet.google.com/yqw-ctpe-yjy
Or dial: ‪(ES) +34 910 48 95 10‬ PIN: ‪259 945 848 7466‬#
More phone numbers: https://tel.meet/yqw-ctpe-yjy?pin=2599458487466

Hope to see you there!


We apologize, but we are having techincal difficulties with the room. As such, we have moved the room to https://meet.google.com/gmc-wodv-tqz for today.

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Shoot, didn’t notice the meeting event was moved to the new google calendar and missed the reminder.
Where any meeting notes recorded from today?

BTW, could you use Discorse’s insert date/time feature to easily localize across time zones? E.g:


[date=2023-04-10 time=15:00:00 timezone="Europe/Berlin"]

Very sorry about that! Future meeting notices will have that feature!

A brief rundown on what was discussed:

  • Introduction to who the team leads are
  • Current state of the client library
    • Missing a few features before we are comfortable saying that everything can be written in Rust:
      • Actions
      • Parameters
      • Lifecycle Nodes
      • Timers
      • Logging integration with ROS 2
  • A reiteration that any and all contributions are welcome to the project!
    • Use cases are especially useful for us to know - at the moment we pick and choose what to work on by guesswork: “I think people are going to need XYZ at the moment”. If we get community feedback about features that are needed/wanted, and what sort of problems they are trying to solve, that helps guide us in what to tackle first.
    • The community is more than welcome to open issues about this. Additionally, if anyone sees any opportunities to improve the client library, feel free to open up a pull request!
    • The more people that we have working together on this, the faster the client library can get to a 100% usable state!

The next meeting will be on:

Our current plan is to continue holding these meetings on the second Monday of every month. And everyone is welcome! Whether you are a Rust/ROS 2 expert or a beginner in both, we would love to see you!

Additionally, we have a room on Element/Matrix chat that people are welcome to join / chat on. That’s a good spot to hop on and say hello - I’ll try to respond when I see someone asking questions as soon as I can!


It’s a bit last-minute notice, but we had to change the meeting location. The google meet room is now: https://meet.google.com/uxi-mdvs-yhw

I did not see any meeting notes for June’s meeting. Was that one canceled as well like the May 8 meeting?

Will the meeting on the OSRF Community Calendar at 2023-07-10T13:00:00Z happen as planned? The OSRF Infrastructure Project Committee is resuming our work on setting up the infrastructure for Rust in ROS 2 and I’d like to share what we’re planning to support with the current working group and pick up the discussion threads and collaboration where we left off.


Here is the link for the google meet I think we’ll be using meet.google.com/yqw-ctpe-yjy
. This is the one in the calendar event.

New meet link: https://meet.google.com/qur-rrjv-cgn

Was there a recording or meeting notes?

No recording was taken.

@nuclearsandwich presented work he and colleges are doing to support Rust as a language for publishing packages to the official ROS buildfarm. My summary is that the plan is to use the same tooling and process being used by Debian for packaging Rust projects. There are some open questions about how Rust dependencies are fetched and specified (Cargo.toml and/or package.xml). Different approaches have tradeoffs that affect how well Rust fits with the existing workflow for ROS packages and the ergonomics of Rust ROS projects compared to non-ROS Rust projects. Rust library packages also have the idea of features that can complicate this. There is a desire to reduce the amount of information that has to be duplicated manually between the Cargo.toml and package.xml and how they might interact.

If you want to read more about Debian packaging of Rust packages here is their policy: Teams/RustPackaging/Policy - Debian Wiki